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    Sep. 5, 2011

    Default Used Ford 1500

    Sorry if this is going to sound stupid, but I'm looking for advice re: a local pickup for sale. 1996 Fork 1500 pickup, extra cab, 4WD, & with new plow attached. A few body dings, but decent Rhino bed liner. 180,000 miles with new transmission put in 40,000 miles ago. Asking price $5,000, which I know is high based on what I've discovered online.

    All I want is something to truck hay in locally (although obviously the plow would come in handy in the winter).

    Any advice - pros & cons?

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    Feb. 4, 2011


    We used to pull our trailer with a 1996 Ford F150.... It got terrible gas millage for the most part was around 8-10 mpg with the trailer attached. Without the trailer, it was about 12-15 depending on conditions. (I know you want it to haul hay and not a trailer, but something to think about). seeing as how the transmission is not that old, it may be worth close to the asking price of it depending on condition of tires and overall body condition. 4WD is a must, especially in the winter so that is a definite plus. So, if you aren't going to be putting a ton of miles on it and can haggle the price a bit, I would say go for it!
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    Plowing puts a lot of stress on a truck.

    Personally I'd be leery of buying a plow truck, especially a half ton.

    How has it been used as a plow truck, i.e. professional or just somebody to clear their driveway?

    Also what area of the country are you in? Big difference in a truck that gets used for a couple of inches a year vs a couple of feet per year.

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    Sep. 5, 2011


    Yeah - the plowing part already put a ding in Mr. Bacardi's noggin. But since it's right aorund the corner from us, I suspect the plowing has just been very local.

    Oh, & we're in Culpeper, VA.

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