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    Aug. 25, 2007
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    Default Field crickets in the house are driving me insane!

    It seems like those noisy, maddening big black field crickets are everywhere - in the barn, in the tack room, under the buckets, hiding in the blankets and horse sheets - and now they are invading my house, hiding in every room, chirping at maximum volume like demented fiends. They are driving me INSANE!

    They are almost impossible to find because the second you start creeping up to their hiding place, they shut up. The second you start walking away, they are chirping away at top volume again.

    HOW do I get rid of them?? The dogs don't hear them (too old, too deaf) and I don't have a cat to stalk them. My husband thinks I'm the one insane and says they will die soon enough. Yeah, well...I can deal with those crazy insects outside, but I can't stand the incessant noise when they are in my house!


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    May. 15, 2009
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    Pet lizard?

    My brother used to have a bearded dragon and it's food was always escaping. The big crickets are even more annoying!!

    No suggestions except the cat .
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    I feel your pain. Last year (new house) I had tons of them, but after getting quarterly pest control I've only had a few this summer. Fortunately, the only chirpy one was in the guest bath (split bedroom plan) and I nailed that one a day or so later. I'm getting good with the flyswatter. Spray around the yard and the foundation, plus around the doorways, that should minimize it. I don't think you can ever eliminate them entirely, but you can make a sizeable dent in the population. The problem is that they can fit under doors and gain access very easily.
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    Aug. 9, 2007


    Housecats. No bugs, no flies, no roaches, no crickets. (And no lizards.)

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    Mar. 26, 2005
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    Consider chickens.

    My barn,garage and house were acrawl with the crickets up until I got my hens.

    2 years of chickens = no more crickets
    Sorry, Jiminy
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    Sep. 17, 2003


    Diatomaeous earth will kill the little buggers and it won't hurt the dogs or horses.

    Wear gloves or something when applying as it'll dry them out if you get DM on them.
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    Jul. 20, 2006


    Put strips of duct tape down in corners, closets and other places where they hide out. You'll be disgusted by how many you catch, but at least you'll catch them. This is the only thing I have ever found to work. Best to start early in summer when they are babies - they stick to the tape easier. :P

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    Nov. 2, 2001
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    consider it your lucky cricket!

    it's an ancient house alarm: Crickets kept in little cages chirp away but fall silent when something strange is going on...wanna bet how fast you wake up?!
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    Sep. 5, 2005


    We used to have crickets in our cellar in Vermont. We liked their chirping. Most of them moved out in the summer and only "wintered" in our cellar.
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    May. 20, 2009
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    Agh! We have these crickets invading my office at work.... How they managed to get themseleves to the third floor, I DO NOT KNOW. But I feel your pain..
    "The best hearts are ever the bravest"

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