A new way to round up your horses in those big fields.


Info from the video:

Two wild horses have taken up residence at Honor Field... a HUGE parade field for military ceremonies, equivilant to 7 or 8 football fields turned sideways, with a one mile track around it.

This is bad because there are horse patties (poop) everywhere, including the running track and dangerous for motorists and the horses because LA-10 is on the north side of the field with an opening in the fence.

Therefore, I used my Vario helicopter to herd the two colts to the far end of Honor Field away from the highway where everybody would be safer.

I've seen full size helicopters herd cattle and horses and figured why not use my 5 foot long Vario Benzin Acrobatic to herd these two lost horses to a safer area.

They have been here for a week... I've reported them to Ft. Polk Military Police, but they are still there...

On post there are about 70 wild horses that have been released to live free. So, my guess is these two colts were released on Honor Field because their owner couldn't afford them. This is a serious problem across the country.

So, it is nice that Ft. Polk is working to let wild horses survive in the beautiful wilderness of Louisiana's pine forests.

So, be careful if you fly your rc helicopter at Honor Field... now you don't just keep from stepping on a fire ant hill... but have to dodge horse patties. LOL