There's a lot of posts regarding sciatica, but I thought I'd start a separate thread for those looking for possible solutions other than advil, yoga, and an inversion board (which I've done it all, trust me)

Started with the most reasonable treatments first for sciatica which was primarily on my right side. Caused by a very bad L5/S1 slip and aggravated by a motorcycle accident, I started with PT and yoga. 7 months later, I was considerably stronger but not any less painful.

At the beginning, I told doc no way are you sticking a needle in my back. After about month 6, I started re-thinking my options. Never really hurt to ride (well, after my 25 mile LD I could feel it pretty good) but pain management was/is a better option than the surgery.

Set of 3 epidurals didn't work. BUT! The pulsed radio frequency ablation did the trick. I'd say it took care of 95% of the pain/irritation down my leg. It's similar to getting an epidural. Doc "stuns" the nerves so they don't relay pain senses down the leg anymore. Should hold for 3-6 months. It's been close to 2 months since I've had mine.

Thought I'd throw out this option if anyone else is past epidurals and looking for more options before surgery!