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    Oct. 14, 2003

    Default Replace/ reinforce saddle flaps?

    Has anyone done this successfully? Have recommendations?

    I got a lovely old Barnsby off Ebay a while ago. The mare loves it, and I like it, and it was obviously well taken care of. However, it appears it was ridden in so much that the exterior flaps are now a bit thin and flimsy and sometimes bunch up under my boot. The rest of it appears to be in good shape (hooray for pigskin seats! Why aren't those made anymore, anyway?).

    I'd like to get the flaps replaced or even just reinforced (maybe another layer of leather sewn on underneath?). Is this workable? At what cost? Any recommendations for someone to do that?

    This isn't urgent. I'm planning to use it on the 3-year old greenie for a bit before having any work done...just in case she does something wacky.

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    May. 25, 2003
    Orlean, Virginia

    Talking just my 2 cents!

    It's not a problem to do any of those IF you have someone in your area to do it. Whole new flaps or just the lower flaps can be replaced. The cost depends on who does it. You'll need to find someone in your area first. We are lucky here in northern Virginia that we have a coupla options.
    Good luck!
    But you'll be expensive I'd guess....I'd just use this as an excuse to get a new saddle!!

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