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    Default Anybody re-roof an old barn? Or add insulation? Or know anything about either topic?

    Looking at a farm with a gambrel roof and what I think makes the most sense is to roof over the barely there shingles with metal. I was reading how you can attach it to 3/4 inch wood strips and the air space aids in insulation.

    I was wondering if anyone had done something similar? What kind of metal grade do you want at a minimum for a roof? What else should I know before I get bids/talk to contractors?

    What about adding rigid insulation inbetween? Sounds like it is better to do it there than doing it inside the structure from what I've read.

    Any clue what a ballpark cost of this type of thing is (metal panels not fancy metal shingles)? The gambrel roof barn is about 30 x 40 feet and then there is an attached lean to (straight slant roof) that is 50 x 20 feet.
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    I've only dealt with pulling the old metal, fixing any bad purlins, and running new on a 'regular' barn roof. I have not tried anything fancier, like you're describing. I replaced a section of barn roof several years ago, maybe 40 ft by 30 ft? I know it was at least a couple thousand dollars. Steel isn't cheap, and there's a fair bit of labor involved. Expect even more labor for a roof that requires fall protection, like a Gambrel or other steep pitch, since that slows workers down.

    I do know enough to suggest that you get references from contractors and follow up on them. Your project isn't something you're going to want a fly-by-night contractor tackling, so you probably shouldn't expect to go with the low bidder. Questions to ask include details of the materials--not all roofing metal is of the same quality and durability, fasteners matter a lot (and sealant around them to keep leaks out). Also, make sure you're comparing apples to apples on installation--a lot of guys cut corners on the number of fasteners used per sheet, policy for waste of materials, etc.

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    Default metal roof

    I had a metal roof put on my house over one layer of very old shingles. The strips of wood went horizontal just like you describe. I am not sure why you are considering insulation.
    A friend had her barn re-roofed the same way, by Amish contractors. Very fair price. I thin 10 to 12 K incl. materials.

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