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    Mar. 9, 2006

    Default I Smell Smoke

    Which means my county is on fire again. There is a fairly stiff breeze going too.

    Please God protect our all volunteer fire fighters, help them to quickly put out this fire, & give us a healthy dose of rain too. Amen.

    Fire is a horrible thing to deal with anywhere, let alone in ranch country where it wipes out hundreds of, if not thousands of acres in a heartbeat. Basically there is NO driving livestock to a safer pasture in these prairie fires. Even worse in these drought conditions we are still suffering.
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    Jul. 16, 2003
    Guthrie, OK


    There is another huge grass fire (actually 1) in central OK today too.

    If only Irene could spread her rain out a bit further west?

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    You two be careful...and watch out for your animals! That is a horribly scary thing-fire. Wow.
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    Mar. 20, 2007


    Do you have various fire breaks cut ? I know if it gets windy that may not help much but those crawling grassland fires can be slowed/blocked by good fire breaks (and lets them do a back fire if the situation is right.

    Hope you guys get some rain (but no lightening)
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    Jun. 24, 2005
    Lorena, Texas


    I fear the smell of smoke. And almost came unglued recently when a neighbor (well over a mile away) was out burning something. We called the sheriff's department. What idiot burns things when there's been a burn ban in effect for nearly a year....
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    May. 17, 2003


    My worst fear at this time of year, living and keeping horses in the "wildland interface."

    High winds here today--and we had such a wet spring and early summer that the cheat grass and other dry fuels are chest high.

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    Apr. 15, 2008


    I wish you lots of luck. I was involved in the Arizona fires back in June and had to evacuate for 6 days. The fires came within a mile of my place. I learned to always have those important things packed and ready to go. We had less than a hour to evacuate. I had 12 dogs, luckily my BO was able to get enough trucks to evacuate our barn. I was supposed to go help evacuate the barn and pull a trailer, but it took me almost a hour to drive a mile down the road!!!

    Be prepared for evacuation!!!!!! and God Bless.
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