I'm on a college equestrian team and we get project horses. I have a close friend on the team who has been working with an ottb mare for the past two years. She got really good, she's bombproof and an easy ride (good flatwork, jumps courses, swaps, etc.)

BUT she is on and off lame. My trainer runs a business and has put two years of time and money into her and with no improvement has decided its time to find a home because she can no longer be used for lessons unless someone is willing to research her lameness further.

She'd be totally fine as a trail horse, even maybe light flat work, and if someone really tried to figure out the problem she might even be sound. We've tried stall rest to no avail (although as a testament to her saneness I rode her after three months of stall rest and she was perfect.)

Anyway, I'm cross posting this to the racing forum since she's an ottb but I'm looking for suggestion as to what to do with her. We are located in Western NY about 30 mins away from Rochester. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!