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    Question Pricing Horse- need help!

    I'm an eventer and I have a horse I'm looking to sell, just wondering what I should price him at.

    Evented up to Training level in Canada (3'6)
    16.1, 7 years old, Hungarian TB cross
    Very handsome, good conformation, 100% sound
    Lovely on the ground, very sweet, no vices, bathes, clips, etc.

    However, he's not super bold. He doesn't have the heart to do the big stuff, which is a shame because he has all the ability. I was thinking of selling him as a 3'6 hunter/jumper to a good amateur or kid. He's a nice to ride, but not dead easy.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    Around 15k would be my guess.

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    By not super bold do you mean not completely honest. The greatest price influencing factor for a junior or amateur horse is honesty. Is he going to make the effort to get off the ground in 99% of situations or is he going to do an unnecessary drive by or even worse get up to the base and sit on his butt. Is he completely agreeable, does he need a completely confident rider or can the rider be a bit apprehensive.

    A 3'6 jumper is not nearly as valuable as something that can successfully go around the hunters and equitation.

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    Off the top of my head the price would be 7,500.

    Eventing horses (that I have seen) have a flater jump which hunter people don't really want.

    Show boots asks great questions......

    Other questions to think about: how would the horse perform in a ring at 3foot....could horse be consistent....with an ok rider? Does horse refuse? Is horse strong?

    How long have you had the is only 7....What do you think he is suited for?

    There's a big different between eventing and H/J....your horse may be great for the H/J ring...and price would depend on how much time he needed to be able to perform in H/J

    Good luck


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    And there's a big difference between hunters and jumpers. Without anything else to go on, my guess is this horse is likely not a candidate for hunters. Probably best thing to do is get him out to some jumper shows and see if you can get some exposure in the 1m-1.1 classes then price check accordingly.

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    Assuming he doesn't have the style for the hunters, and isn't bold enough to keep moving up the levels as an event horse...

    I'd show him in the child/adult jumpers and market him in the $15k-$25k range depending on how he does and how easy he is to ride. If he has a stop in him, he'll be a harder sell.

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