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    Default Spinoff From The I Take Better Care Of My Horses/Supplements

    Just got me thinking. Don't think I supplement much but then again my feed would be cooked oats/alfalfa chaff. Some get a RB and some get an all around vit and min supp depending. In winter I add hot beet pulp with some barley. Because I don't like to feed big meals I may add rice bran to a hard keeper or one in hard work.

    I add, Stabalized flax seed and rosehips to 2 hores prone to scratches. When they are on it no problems. When off it I have issues. Is it a proven formula, of course not but for me and my situation it works. 2 horses get MSM. 1 gets a stomach thing as she's in competiton. At this time of the year I add garlic as I like it for just healthy breathing. Don't use it as a fly control and I don't use it by the pound so it's not going to cause anemia.

    If horses are at grass 24/7 then it's just a vit and min lick. The mare with the scratches will get a token handful for the flax and rosehips. All have access to a salt lick and hay if in. As in as much hay as they will eat. By in I mean at night only.

    So yes, I add some things horse dependant but I don't think it's over the top and haven't had any issues raising babies or otherwise.

    So am I in danger of becoming a supplement-a-holic or am I ok?

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    You're fine. Just ask yourself from time to time if there's logic behind your choices or just custom/gut feeling. Nothing wrong with any of those things, of course, but it's way easier for this or that supplement to wriggle into the "gut feeling" sector and take up residence. Logic is ruthless and beautiful in its austerity.
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    Sounds like you're ok to me! Mine are on pasture 24/7. I've got two that are on nothing but a vitamin supp and a half dose at that. I've got another two that are on 1/2 dose of vitamin supp and MSM. Then I got the two high maintenance ones. One is on Tri Amino (1/3 scoop), MSM, 1/2 dose Vitamin, Magrestore and Cocosoya oil (the oil is an experiment to get rid of a grass belly, not a permanent thing). The other is my IR mare and she is on vitamin supp 1/3-1/2 dose), msm, Smartcontrol IR, Smarthoof, Magrestore and I think that's it. I could probably pull the MSM off of the two lower maintenance horses and be fine. I think it just makes me feel better. I really try not to throw stuff at them if I don't see it working or don't think they need it.

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