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    Mar. 6, 2006

    Default FEI Dressage Ponies?

    A very good friend of mine thinks that my Fjord X pony would make a good FEI dressage pony - I am trying to find what exactly that entails online, but all I get with google search is pages and pages of sales ads.

    Anyone here do this? Equivalent of what level? Any good resources available online for those who'd like to get into it?

    I'm an Eventer at heart, but I also know Felix has major potential and honestly like my horses to have some value in case my circumstances change.

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    Oct. 27, 2006


    Hi There,

    My daughter just completed her first FEI Pony levels earlier this month so I can give you a bit of a run down.

    The tests are not really equivalent to any levels but 3rd level is the closest with the exception of flying changes.

    The test begin with the FEI Pony Preliminary test, next is the Team Test and last is the Individual test. There is also a Freestyle.

    Movements involved are Shoulder In and Half Pass in Trot, Collected Gaits, Medium and Extended Gaits, 8m Volte in trot and Canter, Counter-canter (including on a 6 loop serpentine) , Simple changes, halt/reinback to Canter and 1/2 Walk pirouettes.

    You must be under 16 to ride FEI Pony and the Pony must carry a Passport signed by a Steward confirming that they meet height requirements. Your Canadian Passport is fine for Gold Level shows (as well as any Silver that may offer the test)

    You can find the tests on the Equine Canada website or in the Dressage Omnibus.
    Hope this info helps
    Proud scar wearing member of the Bold, Banned and Bitchen clique

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    Jul. 29, 2005


    If you go onto Youtube and type in FEI European Pony Dressage Champs, you will see the variety of tests.. some excellent.. and others not quite so good.

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    Mar. 6, 2006


    Thanks guys! I guess step one is finding a talented kid

    If you've looked at my blog (link below) you'll see he's still VERY young and green, I am just thinking with his future potential at the moment.

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