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    Default How do I know if my helmet was damaged, and is there any replacement warranty?

    This morning I was leading a 17hh 4 yo w. bad ground manners in from the lunging arena back to the crossties in the aisle, when the horse suddenly, with no warning hit me from behind w. SO MUCH FORCE! I don't know what caused it, but he didn't trundle into me, it was like a freight train. I got thrown forwards across the aisle, but thank goodness he didn't then run over me. Something hit me hard in the thigh - a knee or hoof - I think I've broken my finder, scraped up my arms, maybe bruised my ribs, nothing too scary!

    But..... my GPA helmet, which was on my head, but not buckled, bc I'm an idiot, got hit somehow and went flying down the aisle - we're talking about 3 stalls down, onto the cobblestones.

    So, very longwindedly, I'm wondering how much impact a hat is supposed to take before it's replaced - just a big fall, or was that enough to take away some safety? Does it matter if your head was in it or not?

    And will GPA or Dover help me to replace it? It's several years old, probably at least 4.

    I'm not usually the most safety concious, but I'm riding so many babies, I think it's a good idea to have a helmet that'll help me out if I need it

    Any input/experiences appreciated!

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    I would get two cheap troxels (or similar). One for every day wearing, and one for the day after you fall off in the first on, while you wait for another cheap troxel to come!

    As for your GPA, if you're worried about it, it's probably been hit too hard... And at 4 years old, you're probably SOL as far as replacements. They're only supposed to be used for 5 years anyway.

    So my suggestion: get two CHEAP helmets for every day, and buy a new "fancy" helmet for shows.

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    I agree with the response above. the helmet is meant to take ONE hard impact. flying down the isle counts. and 4 yrs is a good lifetime, it should be replaced soon anyway. why risk it??? and, yes, get a cheaper helmet for home. I have a inexpensive Ovation that I like...

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    You should replace it. An empty helmet hitting concrete is just as damaging, if not more damaging, than falling with the helmet on your noggin. There is no way to visibly tell if your helmet is compromised, so just do yourself a favor and replace it.

    As far as GPA and/or Dover helping with a replacement? I don't have experience with either in this situation, but I would call Dover first.

    Most helmet companies offer discounts on replacement helmets within the first few years of purchase.

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    Nov. 21, 2005


    I *believe* that there is a difference between your helmet hitting something solid with your head in it and just being dropped, or hurdled down the aisle in your case. I remember someone saying something about the weight of your head and something about a watermelon...

    That being said, this is your head and it's probably a situation where if you have to ask, you already know the answer. after 4 years, you deserve a new helmet

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    GPA has a crash replacement policy, but it's only in effect for three years from the date of purchase and you must fall from a horse to take advantage of it. Dropping the helmet, having it in the trunk of your car when you're in an accident, etc., don't count. All companies with replacement policies require you to go through the retailer, which will then contact the manufacturer.

    As ammybynature noted, helmets really should be replaced every five years even if you don't whack your head hard. The materials just naturally degrade due to fluctuating temperatures, dings, etc.

    Glad you're relatively unscathed!
    Athletic Horses. Educated Riders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa.Hare.Jones View Post
    All companies with replacement policies require you to go through the retailer, which will then contact the manufacturer.
    I just contacted Tipperary myself about helmet replacement -- all they needed was a proof of purchase within the last year, and they accepted the order confirmation email from the online store (which I had saved) as my proof of purchase.
    RIP Victor... I'll miss you, you big galumph.

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