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    Jun. 18, 2007

    Default The Cats and the Nosebag

    I brought in a nosebag after evening chores tonight, as it needed repair. Hadn't occurred to me until everybody promptly appeared how utterly sniffworthy this is. You can crawl inside it, even. Nice attraction for them. The best cat toys are unintended.

    Please ignore the carpet ripple. This is a big scrap of carpet from Freecycle that I just tacked down quickly, and it has a few blemishes. The actual floor is linoleum, but when I got my Bernese, she had trouble walking on it. She'd skid and skitter like she was on ice. She has too high a center of gravity and pushes off too much getting her big body up for a surface that won't give traction. Carpet scrap works nicely; problem solved.

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    Dont apologize for the carpet-I'm always on the lookout for carpet remnants left at the curb in my town. I use them in the back of my Suburban for the dogs-I'm always amazed at what folks will throw away.

    Beautiful kitties!!!

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    My cats absolutely love when I bring tack in! They adore the smell of leather!

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    I agree, no apologies for the carpet, it's what we DO for the critters

    And that's awesome about the nose bag. You're right, things that come in from the barn are infinitely interesting!
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