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    Question Let's Talk Boots (Horse)

    Hey Guys

    I would really like some suggestions on some different type of Front Boots for my horse. I am looking for something that is breathable and I guess lightweight.

    I have been thinking about the EquiFit all purpose boots, or even an open front, but these will simply be for flatting at home and at the shows (Hunter).

    Or even the back on track boots, but I feel like they would produce too much heat? Any experience with them?

    I have used DSBs for years and did like them, but they do make the horses legs really warm.

    Have been using my Eskardons, but with the neoprene they get warm. I'm also not sure I like how they fit anymore, horse has a bit of a longer cannon bone and they sit really far down the tendons it seems.

    What I have started noticing is how hot my horses legs are after a 30-45 min ride and I would really like to get them to cool down a bit! (dont want any more bows! Have had my fair share of them with my one mare!)

    Horse SOMETIMES interferes, she does travel straight when going straight (again up front) but in the corners sometimes knocks (Not balanced and am working on this) Or if she trips she does have big feet so will knock then too.

    I would like to use some sort of front boot to protect her fetlocks, as thats where she knocks. I would like to use these pretty much everyday, I do let her go without boots a few times a week since she cant show with them on, but for the most part, I like riding with some sort of protection.

    What do you guys use?
    What have you found to stay away from (I wont use SMBs too hot for my liking)
    What have you found to last the longest?

    Thanks so much! any suggestions would be great

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    There are really very few options for boots which don't create a lot of excess heat. There are a bunch of companies which claim their boots are breathable, but usally they have airvents in the shell over the neopreme....but newsflash, neopreme is not breathable, so having airvents over it doesn't do any good!!! The best ones that I have seen are the Equilibrium tri-zone airlite tendon boots. They still have a thin neopreme underneath the mesh, but it is much thinner than other boots and they seem like they would be more breathable than others. The tradeoff is that they seem like they might break down relatively quickly, but I haven't used them so am not sure. A company that can figure this problem out will make a lot of money!

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    I love my veredus pro classics, they are leather lined, and don't seem to get too hot at all! Also very durable!

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    I have a pair of Equifit open fronts that I really like. I use them on multiple horses and the horses' legs seem to stay much cooler than neoprene boots I've used in the past, (Eskadron and Roma). The boots also seem to be pretty durable. I use them daily, for schooling and showing, and they still look great! They were expensive, but seem to be worth it.

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    I have the Thinline sport boots, and they seem to hold in way less heat than neoprene. I'm saving for their open fronts, which should be even cooler. They're also supposed to be antimicrobial. I really like them.
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    I've had good luck with Roma boots, but they don't breathe much either. They do, however, last much, much longer than their Eskadron counterparts and cost far less.
    “Thoroughbreds are the best. They’re lighter, quicker, and more intelligent.” -George Morris

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo7777 View Post
    I have the Thinline sport boots, and they seem to hold in way less heat than neoprene. I'm saving for their open fronts, which should be even cooler. They're also supposed to be antimicrobial. I really like them.
    I recently started using the ThinLine open fronts, and I do think they keep my horse's legs cooler than the Eskadrons (which I also like, but can hold some heat due to the neoprene). I have been pretty happy with them. I hope they hold up well - only time will tell.
    Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion.... ~ Emerson

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    Default My 2 cents

    Thought I'd throw in my opinion.
    We own a big barn and have lots of horses. Gone are the days where I could spoil one horse, I have to look for the best bang for my buck.

    I have been using the equities open front Velcro boots. They make a non leather boot for less than $100. I can remove the inside and wash in soapy water and thats great when they are being used daily. They make black leather and cwd leather too, plenty of upper options for the single or small number horse owner.

    I don't like that some come unstitched, and the insert doesn't last more than a year. I need my boots to last (multiple horses - we use them to the max)

    I don't like eskadron, I've had multiple horses get splits where the top of the boot is.

    Go to europe, equifit doesn't exist. Most professionals are using veredus. I like that they are very rugged looking and we all love carbon fiber! But I worry about heat issues with the neoprene like interior. That's my only reserve from making the switch... And the price point for a big barn. But if they last for more than a year it was worth my switching.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for all your suggestions, I will have a closer look at all these boots and see what ones will work for my horse! Its such a pain shopping for things like this! The price of some of these boots is so much, and you'd hate to make the wrong decision!

    Jheregvonmunch What are Equities? I haven't Seen them before but would be interested at looking at a pair.

    I thought about the ThinLine Boot, but I'm just worried that they would fit like the Eskadrons? How do you find the fit? My mare is a large boned WB with long cannons.

    I like the Idea of the thinline sport boots, I should go have a look at them.

    Equilibrium Tri-Zone Boots feel like garbage to me! I really dont think that they would hold up for riding for every long! I was at a local tack store and saw them, but wasn't impressed

    Veredus and my horses leg last time I used them, didn't really get along. The straps caused really big bumps (didn't put them on tight!) Have them improved the straps?

    What about the equilibrium "wraps"
    Or would they not hold up well if the horse knocks herself?

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