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    Default My Piglet is Lame!

    I have a 16 week old pot belly piglet who is just the most awesome little girl in the world. She is an indoor/outdoor pig, spending most of her day with me at the farm taking care of/riding the horses, and at night she sleeps on her Temperpedic mattress with my dog (her best friend) on the floor next to my bed.

    This morning when she got out of bed, she was quite lame. I had noticed that she was a little off last night, but I assumed it was because she and the dog had been playing at the barn (they love to follow me down the back path to feed the pasture boarders and then go tearing back at full speed ahead of's almost like they're racing!). But this morning she's very noticeably off. I've put a call into my vet (only in Ocala would one of the most noted equine vets in the country also happily see your piglet!) but he's not going to be in my area until late this afternoon.

    I've palpated both fronts, checked her hooves, and nothing seems broken or overly tender. She did take a skidder on the patio yesterday when she thought I was feeding the dog and she was missing out and came running full-tilt at us, so I'm hoping that she's just sore from that...but that was much earlier in the day and she seemed fine until we got back from night check. Has anyone else dealt with lameness in their pot belly? This is my first foray into pig ownership...I'd surely be handling this much better if it were a horse!
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    She rides horses?!?!?!? Ditto - PHOTOS!!

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