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    Default Scar tissue and soundness?

    I am looking at a 3 year old gelding to bring home. Let me start off with saying that he is free. As a 2 year old he cut his hind leg. The scar is mostly on the back of the ankle/lower cannon bone area. He walks and canters fine, but is off at the trot. I am assuming it is from all the scar tissue rubbing on important ligaments and such.

    Is there any hope he will get sound? He has just been in a pasture since then. I'm just wondering if he is worth my time or not. He is not in any danger of going to auction or anything like that.

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    I would spend the $$ to have your vet evaluate/ ultrasound it.

    Scar tissue will never be as pliable (elastic) as normal tissue, but I have heard of exercises or treatments making it less dense or giving it a bit more stretch. Perhaps shockwave therapy or some such treatment would work. However, I think most of these work best if implemented as soon after the injury as possible.

    If you don't want to sink money into him, pass it by. If you're willing to risk the time and money, get your vet to tell you your odds.
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