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    Mar. 16, 2007

    Default Kennel Fox

    Finally! Today was our first day of cubbing. We very early (7am meet time) few met at the Hunt kennels and enjoyed a relatively cool (low 60's) hunt that provided good sport and a good experience for our pack.

    As we gathered before the Master said "Hounds Please" we chatted and caught up on many things. The topic of who has seen fox or coyote, and where, is always of interest. Not far into this conversation, one of our Masters informed us that we now have a fox sleeping in one of the Hunt barns, just a few yards from the kennel fences!

    Wow! We have had foxes who have included the kennels in their territory over the years. Some have made pests of themselves as they would torment hounds in the middle of the night, get them barking, and then disciiplined by the Huntsman. You might imagine that fox snickering as he stood off in the dark! Others have made a habit of crossing in front of the pack as they were walking out. That habit was not in great favor with our staff either!

    But, I don't believe that we have had a kennel fox so bold as to use one of our barns as his regular sleep spot before. Have any of you had these experiences?

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    May. 25, 2003
    Orlean, Virginia

    Smile Interesting!

    Not exactly that but over & over I've heard & seen them coming close to the kennel enclosures and "torment" the packs. Some barking at night even. I always have wondered; how do they know they're safe so to speak. I know 2 local packs with resident foxes within say 200 yds from the kennels. Foxes are smart!

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