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    Dec. 9, 2010
    Greensboro, NC

    Default PSA: Don't pet the feral kitteh!

    So, I live in a small neighborhood full of townhouses. We are off of a busy road and back up to lots of trees. Last night, I came home from the barn accompanied by the hubs and dog. There happens to be a cat sitting on the sidewalk in front of my house. Kitteh has no problem walking right up to me to say I figure it must be rather friendly

    I take the dog out of the car figuring that said friendly kitteh would run off upon seeing 40lb pit....

    ...not a chance! Kitteh stands ground scaring the daylights out of the poor pooch while we navigate around kitteh to the house. After securing dog and hubs I go back out side and sit on the front porch hoping to get a better glimpse of kitteh. Not so friendly kitteh comes up to say "hi". He of course is not neutered but is in good weight and has a few burrs on his tail but does not appear to be in too bad of shape. Kitteh approaches me and starts rubbing on my elbows (please note that I DO NOT reach out to pet kitteh). Nasty kitteh purrs and happily rubs on my thing I know there are 4 long scratches on my hand Bad Kitteh!!

    After talking to the neighbors, this kitteh appears to be a stray, but is fed regularily by the neighbors. So, what to do about the nasty kitteh?

    Leave it alone?

    Attempt to trap, neuter, vaccinate, and set free? Relocating does not seem to be a good option as the kitteh currently has lots of free food and knows the area.

    I highly doubt that nasty kitteh wants to be a house cat, although he was VERY interested in trying to come inside last night (maybe just to make a snack out of the poor dog?)

    I would love a new kitty...but I don't think this one is going to fit the bill. It might eat the dog...or the couch...or the hubs...or me!

    Sigh...Why can't people get their animals fixed???

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    Mar. 14, 2004
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    OK, in terms of making this kitteh a house cat, I would be more concerned about him spraying even after being neutered. I really try to get the boys in as quickly as possible so the spraying behavior never starts.

    My second concern would be your dog, but I am speaking as the ex-owner of a very lovable pit cross who KILLED two Jack Russell terriers. I don't understand the line between "friend" and "dead" for the dogs that can kill with a quick shake, and because of that I'm very leery with my beloved kittehs.

    If he isn't a sprayer (not all do, oddly enough) and you are sure of your dog or find the risk acceptable, I sure wouldn't rule him out due to the scratches he already gave you. THAT behavior is pretty quickly put behind them in many cases, and he already has the tendency to be friendly.

    In any case I would trap him (or just lure him into a carrier with stinky food) and neuter/vaccinate/release. I consider that my gift to any stray or feral I encounter.
    Arrange whatever pieces come your way. - Virginia Woolf

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    Dec. 9, 2010
    Greensboro, NC


    I think I'm more worried about the cat going after the dog than the dog going after the cat...but I definitely see your point!

    I am going to try and lure the kitteh into a carrier and at least get it vaccinated and fixed. Then the kitteh can go about his business terrorizing the neighborhood

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    Dec. 13, 1999
    Greensboro, NC


    At the very least, get him neutered You might be very surprised at his turn-around after losing the nuggets.

    An un-neutered gray tabby adopted us several years ago - very sweet, but *always* under foot and swatting at ankles if you did not stop and pet him. This made it very, very hard to walk anyway. We got him neutered, quarantined him for a week in a spare bedroom, and he's been an inside kitty ever since.

    If luring him into a carrier doesn't work have a towel handy and when he comes to rub, wrap it around him and THEN put him in the carrier (which by now has its top off, hopefully LOL)

    Oh, I just saw where you are - howdy neighbor!
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    Dec. 14, 2006


    Last night I walked my boys past 2 kittehs asleep on the porch. Wait 3 one was under the car. Wait 4 as one strolled across the street and lept onto the tall wood privacy fence next to the sidewalk we were on.

    One neighbor has 4 or 5 food dishes always out. It's like those Where is Waldo games except there are lots of Waldos.

    As I walk by Mr. Orange who stared down at me from his perch level with the roots of my hair, I said aloud: "You better stay exactly where you are ...don't you swipe me!" Chicken? No. Smart to street-smart kittehs who don't give a d@mn about silly dogs.

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    Mar. 7, 2011


    A dilemma, one that we just went through.

    Feeding the feral male cat, willing to adopt, until the night he went after my husband and bit him, a deep, puncturing bite that required antibiotics, because MizzouDad didn't put the food down quickly enough.

    Trapped, quarantined for rabies observation, tested and found that he was carrying the FIV virus - not dangerous to people but is spread by fighting/biting contact. MD and the vet decided to euthanize without my input, and since I wasn't the one bitten, I wasn't able to make the case to give him another chance.

    So trapping, neutering, vaccinating and releasing is an option, but if this is a cat prone to attacking you have to decide if you want children and dogs and other cats attacked by this cat, and if he happens to be feline leukemia positive he really should be off the street.

    If you have lots of time and want a rehab project he might turn into a wonderful pet, depending on his health status.

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    Feb. 18, 2010


    Same thing happened to me one time.. I was about 10 years old, had recently lost a cat (not surprising, cats don't last very long up here with the coyotes) and a stray showed up. My dad said I should take some food down to it. So I did, cat ate all the food, I reached over to take the bowl away and it attacked me! My arm was pretty shredded. Still can kind of see the scar on top of my hand, and that was 10 years ago.

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