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    Default Castrating Adult Goat??

    An acquaintance wants me to take their male goat, and we had been considering a goat as a companion for our fat pony who has to stay inside out of the green grass. BUT, he is 1.5yo, and has not been castrated, so has the charming "urinate on myself" behavior. If you castrate an adult male goat, do they stop the yucky urination habits, or then it's too late and an ingrained behavior?
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    I am not a goat expert, but yes, once you turn a billy into a wether (name for gelded goat), they will stop's a billy's way of attracting the lady goats (and thank goodness I am not a lady goat!).

    However, I'm pretty sure at his age you will need a vet to do the gelding. Generally male goats are banded when very young.

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    It's an UGLY proceedure that's for sure. I had an adult male goat (came with the OTTB I bought, were best buds!) castrated many years back. I honeslty felt bad for the guy but it had to be done. It's not a simple "snip" proceedure, it's much more like castrating a mature stallion. The goat slowly decreased his gross behavior and became more of an acceptable barn mate for the other horses over time =p

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    I've banded goats that were a year+ but they were Nigerians and small.

    Worked out pretty well.

    But for a large adult buck, I would do it via vet, and yes, for the most part, the gross habits will go away, especially if there are no hussy does in the area.

    Even my wethers who were banded as babies will get "frisky" if there's a hussy doe to play with.

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    The vet will have to do it at that age. I have done it to an older male once and it was not a problem, but the vet did keep him for several days for me after it was done. He went from a vile, smelly beast to a doll in about a week.

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