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    May. 6, 2004

    Default So I took the plunge...

    And I now own an iPad. It was something I never thought I'd do, but after playing with a friend's earlier in the week, I decided to buy one. So far, I pretty much love it, but I haven't done all that much with it. So, who else has one and what do you love about it?
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    May. 2, 2001
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    I lovelovelove mine. I have the Nook, Kindle, and iBooks apps on it. I have a lot of blogs that I read through my Google Reader and so, I have a reader there that I love -- Feedler, that I use to read blogs most of the the time.

    Several magazines I read on the iPad now -- O, and Better Homes and Gardens are two with their own apps.

    I have several cookbooks on it, and a game or two.

    I like Evernote for iPad a lot too -- things that I have clipped to my Evernote account are easily accessible there.

    I've also enjoyed a number of the available photoediting apps.

    Basically, I love the thing!

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    Jul. 4, 2008
    The Great Northwest!


    I am so jealous! I wan one so bad but I can't justify the price. I'm always amazed at the different apps!
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    Apr. 4, 2010
    yonder a bit, GA


    While I love my phone (and huge screen, for a phone), I find myself wanting something bigger for reading on while out alone at restaurants. MrB and I have been looking at the Transformer tablet (sony I think?). My only concern, aside from the initial cost(! Of any tablet) would be not wanting to pay for another data package. I already have my smartphone to pay for monthly! So i'd probably get just wifi access only and use it wherever there's free wifi. But I should look first at my usual haunts and see if they offer it :-)

    Then again, if I can only spend that amount of money on one thing, id choose to spend it on riding lessons and brown field boots, heh heh.

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    Sep. 4, 2006
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    Jailbreak it and take it as far as it was meant. I love my iPad. Except for extensive typing (like tonight on OT night on COTH ), I almost never use my computer anymore.

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