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    Oct. 25, 2009

    Default outdoor arenas + jumping

    is a 100 x 200 and okay size to set up and ride a comfortable course?

    i am planning to put up a new outdoor arena here at home and was going to make it that size. outdoor arenas that i have had in the past were 120 x 80 and smaller,it always felt quite small for a comfortable course. it would be more for hunter courses..but would like to be able to do both if the case may be.
    if you have a different suggestion in mind.i am
    open to any size as i have 10 acres of cleared land to work with...might even make 2 arenas (1 sand and 1 grass)..for now it will be just 1 though.


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    Jun. 20, 2009
    Hunterdon County NJ


    Sure 100x200 is fine, but what are your plans ? Is it just for you or holding horse shows ? Ring size is generally determined by budget for many people !! They make the ring as big as they can afford to have it leveled, put in the base, and then pay for footing.

    I see rings all over that are every size imaginable. The hold International dressage competitions in arenas that are so small they have to start the test from inside the ring. They hold jumper competitions in those arenas too ...

    Do you plan to ever sell the property? Consider how the future value of the property will be effected.

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    I would say that 100x200 is pretty standard for an at-home arena for h/j purposes.

    Mine is 100x180 and I regularly school 4'9" to 5' courses in it. An extra 20' to make it the full 200' would be great, but topography dictated the size of mine and the extra expense of that 20' wasn't worth it. I can set a full hunter course with the only real limit being that I can't get much more than a 5 or 6 stride line down the long side.

    As IZS noted, I would imagine that expense will be where you decide on your limits. If I had the room and the $$ I would have done a bigger ring. But I will say that it's not always a bad thing to have more confined space when working the babies . So I guess it just comes down to personal preference and $$.
    Forever exiled in the NW.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    with 10 acres to play with - put in a 4-5 acre grass jump field (need to be able to completely change out the jump lines to keep it in decent condition) & charge a $50 drop in fee

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