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    Default Any rescues accepting horses? SE PA

    Does anyone know of any rescues actually accepting horses? Seems like the just go to the sales and buy them. I contacted a local rescue and they told me there was a year & half wait. Then a few months later I get an email from them asking for money because they had just rescued a bunch of sick horses from the sale and they needed a lot of veterinary care. Yeah right, I didn't want a big LCR branded on her shoulder anyway. So should I take my horse to a sale in order for her to be rescued? Since she is an OTTB is there a rescue that goes to the sale to get them?

    I know that seems harsh, I am just angry at the world right now. But really does anyone know of a legitimate rescue accepting horses? I am going to try to place her myself first but what if I can't? Yes I posted to giveaways.

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    Every rescue I know of in the mid-Atlantic area is pretty much full. The crappy economy means that a lot of horses are coming back to the owner's inability to pay for them. I think Helping Hearts Equine Rescue got 2 or 3 back in the past couple of weeks and a local TB rescue is also getting returns. It's a tough, tough time for horses. Even the really nice ones have a hard time finding homes as giveaways.

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    You can try Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue. They can at least put a free ad up for him.

    I had a similar issue when I needed to find a home quickly for a horse.

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    Try relisting her in giveaways with an update on how and what she is doing and see if you get any interest. Oh and P.S. I check the local Craigslist including your area and I'm not a weirdo..............although my tween daughter would beg to differ. Good Luck.
    "Don't make me go all chestnut mare on you"!

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    Not all rescues are full. But many of them keep spaces open for seizure cases and emergency situations, taking in less-urgent voluntary owner surrenders as resources permit.

    Contact Equihab for free help in advertising / networking. Equihab may not be able to take in an OTTB right now but will try to help with resources, cross-posting, etc.

    Since this is an OTTB, you may also want to ask for help from:

    You may also want to sent queries back to the horse's breeder and previous trainer(s). Sometimes a trainer will have a few favorite horses and when the horse later needs a home, he/she may either take him or help you with finding him a good home. It can't hurt to ask.

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    Well, OP, taking in your horse, even though you might be in dire straights financially, isn't as good for fund raising as "saving them from slaughter". So yes, in the rescue world, you may be right. Now mind you, that's not all rescues, but enough to give the others a bad name.

    Seizures are a different story all together.

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    I hope you can find a person or rescue to take your horse! There are 100,000+ horses leaving this country every year in tight cramped, no head room, no food or water in double decker trailers to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. I beg anyone to consider calling your vet and put down your horse humanly rather than put them through such horror. It seems drastic and crazy, but can you imagine the unknown?

    What can we do? Write our congressman and approve bill S. 1281, the Horse Transportation Safety Act of 2011. At least prevents double decker transport but still does not STOP them from leaving the country for slaughter.

    What else? We need to push for new changes to require all horses to have negative coggins when traveling across state lines - currently slaughter horses do not have to have a negative coggins to travel. This would increase the cost again possibly hindering the profitability of shipping horses for slaughter.

    Last case, we should choose to care for our horses and when we can not be brave enough to take responsibility to end their life for their own sake rather than with torture of sales to slaughter. There is no way this country can absorb 100,000+ homeless horses each year. People loose their jobs, get sick, have life changing events and simply can not keep their pets. Solving the issue is up to us as individuals to figure this out.

    Sorry. I hate this situation for anyone.

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