I'm so sorry to have to ppost this, but my former husband has run off with his teenage student and her large inharitance, his jumper and my young stallion and all our equipment (4 devocouix saddles, a custom dressage saddle, and thousands in bridles, bits, etc.), leaving myself, my two girls under 3, and my dying father with nine broodmares and young horses on our warmblood breeding farm in Shelbyville, ky. he is probably heading to California.
I don't like posting personal information like this, but I have filed a poliece report and I don't know what else to do. he may be calling the horse Dion, he is a four year old stallion by Voltaire out of Nyx (Goldmaker/Cabaret)
he is approx 16.2 and growing. dark palomino with four stocking and a blaze. He is registered with the North American Studbook as Voltron.
He may be offering breedings and trying to show him in the baby greens or young jumpers. The registry will not acknowlege his foals, so please don't pay to breed to him thinking you will get papers. I will not post his name and his girlfriends name, but please contact me if you need it, or may have seen Voltron. I'm assuming he will try to start up his former training buisness, unless he can scam someone. I have found out he usually caters to women of a certain age with a large bankroll. Please be aware, and be careful, he may seem honest and charming, but he is not. I'm very sorry.