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    Default Cross Post - Bowed tendon Recovery time..

    I posted on Horse Care and haven't seen a whole lot of answers.

    Figured I'd see if anyone over here can shed some light for me.. I am wondering how long it takes in 2011 to heal a bow. Given what I was just told by a fellow boarder.

    Other thread:


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    My Vet and the Ultra-Sound Vet tell me the longer off the better...without knowing where on leg, the degree of, hole, tear, lesion, bleed its impossible to give a good answer...worst case 1 year best case 6 months.

    To try and shorten the time whether its w/ IRAP, PRP or Stem Cell is only going to cause disappointment down the road, cooling therapy, wrapping, NSAIDS, and alot of time and Mother Nature

    After reading you cross Post on other coincidental, I have a lay-up w/ exact injury and 1st attending vet said, hose, stall confinemnt and Surpass, some hand grazing. With no real time estimate horse almost non weight bearing...and has an Avulsion same

    2nd Vet said same but to..Wrap... 90 days in stall and prefer not to hand graze..then re-ultra sound @ 90 days, stopped Surpass @ 60 days and wrapping.

    Best case horse then proceedes to short controlled hand walking for 30-45 then slowly start very controlled (drugged) short term very confined turn-put and slowly over 60 days lengthen turn out.
    Horse will be out of traning 1 year. But horse does have small Avulsion fracture as well.
    Horse is very difficult and potentially in any other horse it could start controlled under tack @ 6 months thats out of the equation here. Tear is significant and on the short bone.
    PRP Stem Cell and IRAP were bandied about but disgarded as costly and potentally not proven effective given horse will be out for 1 year anyway.
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    My experience is mostly with racehorses-- we have done stall rest, shockwave, stem cell, IRAP (or PRAP?) blister, etc. A very mild bow/ pinhole tear and some of the new stuff, maybe 6-8 months before you start real work. But a year is generally what we try to talk the owners into.

    I've seen a number of horses with mild- moderate bows given minimal rehab (6-8 weeks of stall rest/ light walking) before being turned out for a year-ish, and they have largely recovered as well as the ones given the more extensive treatment.

    My event horse bruised his DDFT a couple of years ago--no tear, no lameness, just a lump, and the vet recommended either 8 weeks off and slow start up or shockwave and three weeks of walk trot, and I did go with the shockwave as the alternative meant missing most of the season, and he recovered fine--but it was only a bruise.

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    My horse had a 40% lesion in his SDFT - we treated with stem cell and PRP. He ended up on 6 months of stall rest, 2 months of walking, 2 months of trotting, and 2 months of very controlled cantering before he went back into full work (so a full year in total).

    He did not return to jumping as the injury healed with enough scar tissue to make a re-injury more likely, and at his age and mileage it didn't seem worth it. He is now a full time dressage horse and I'm surprising myself with how much fun I'm having!

    When we began the recovery process, our vet thought that we could be back in full work in 6-8 months, but the reality was quite different. We re-ultrasounded every two months and it seemed like every time we had to extend the recovery window out a little longer because the progress was slower than we'd thought/hoped. But, it was worth it in the end

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    My rehab plan is a year long plan.

    I'm in my sixth month rehabbing a SDFT core lesion. We are just adding in trot work.

    My first question would be, what is the percentage of the tear? I think above all the rehab plan depends on what the injury is, and what is right for that horse.

    In my case, we stalled for the first 60 days.

    I followed a strict rehab protocol that my vet gave me, it originally came from UC Davis, there is a vet there, I'm thinking her name is Carol Gilis (I might have spelled her name wrong). The sheet I have is a general rehab protocol we tailored to my horse.

    I did stem cell and PRP.

    I used a game ready for the first 30 days to deal with the acute trauma/swelling phase.

    I also did cold laser, but that's a huge discussion and I don't know enough about it to really explain it and I think there are lots of different lasers on the market, being used differently by different vets. I think it helped and I think it was beneficial.

    First 30 days: 15 mins of hand walking, twice a day.
    Days 30-60: worked up to 40 mins of hand walking.
    Day 60: check up ultrasound, with significant healing.
    Days 60-90: worked up to 60 mins hand walking.

    Day 60-90: supervised turn out, with hay as a distractor in a 24x24 pen for up to three hours a day

    Day 90: turn out in a small pen 16x 36 24/7

    Days 90-120: rode at a walk 30 mins/day

    Day 120 - check up ultrasound with even more significant healing - the lesion is only barely visable at an acute angle of the ultrasound wand - ie. you'd have to go looking for it

    Days 120-150: worked up to 1 hour of walking/day

    Starting at Day 150 we changed his turn out to a large grass paddock, about 80x120 (alone) about 16 hours overnight and stalled during the day because of the summer heat.

    Days 150-180: add 2 mins of trot each week, so week 1 you trot 2 mins a day, week 2 you trot 4 mins a day, etc (at the end of this month, you're up to 8 mins of trot/day)

    Days 180-210: continue to add trotting at 2 mins/week, add in canter (my plan says to add 5 mins every two weeks, I will probably do it in two min/week like I did trot) (at the end of this month you're up to 16 mins of trot/day and 8 mins of canter/day)

    Day 210-240 (we're up to month 8 at this point), same as days 180-210, adding in (at the end of this month you're up to 24 mins of trot/day and 16 mins of canter/day)

    Day 240-270 full flat work (month 9)

    Day 270-300 (month 10) begin jumping

    This is all assuming no flare ups and continued clear ultrasounds.

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