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    Jan. 3, 2009
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    Default Equibuild Used With Plastic Pad

    Has anyone ever heard of doing this? My boy is being treated for thin soles by using Equibuild--to broaden the weight-bearing area.

    The problem is the Equibuild falls out, even when it is poured in with the mesh and allowed to set with the foam board. So my farrier decided to nail the shoes on over plastic pads and then pour in the Equibuild underneath. After riding about 7 times, he is very disappointingly sore in the front again.

    I see two potential problems with using the pads and the Equibuild together. 1) the Equibuild is no longer flush with the shoe/ground, and 2) the plastic pad seems to make the Equibuild even harder and less giving.

    Sorry for the book! Hoping that some farriers or shoeing experts out there will have some ideas.
    Mon Ogon (Mojo), black/bay 16 H TB Gelding

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    Have had similar issues with the Equi-Build breaking up or falling out in the past, esp with our wet winters. A couple of mine have gone with the Equi-Pak material under plastic pads and done well -- it is a little softer, so may not have the support that you are looking for. Another option, which worked really well for one of mine, is to use Sole-Guard like the Equi-Build -- create a pour-in pad with the mesh, but using the Sole-Guard material. It is pretty firm, so may not work for all horses, but mine was really happy in it and it lasted -- even when I was in an all sand arena (which just wore the Equi-Build stuff out super fast).

    Not a farrier, but that's my experience.

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    Jan. 3, 2009
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    Thanks, Horsepoor ( and can I share your username?). As I was trying to understand "what went wrong" --this has been a three month + saga, with many chapters--I asked myself what had changed in the past two days, since he was sound. I felt foolish when I realized that because of the much cooler temps I had left him out in his field all day for two days with his buddies, instead of bringing him in to his stall and fan. He had to be doing a lot more stomping than usual, horseflies, etc are still out. Even with the pads and Equibuild, I'm guessing he aggravated his soles again. (Sorry Moj, grrrr, me!)

    So, it's a day of bute and back to spending most of the day inside. If anyone else dealing with thin soles is interested, I'll report back after mynnext ride.
    Mon Ogon (Mojo), black/bay 16 H TB Gelding

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