I really want a change. Im still recovering from losing my big guy in June. I haven't ridden much at all since I lost him. My google search has lead me to the closest advertising farm being in louisville. I started lessons again this week and I am riding a few miles each day ponying yearlings at work. But I want to kind of pick a new direction to find the fun in riding again.

So here is my question.... Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for sidesaddle lessons in Lexington KY??? I have ridden aside a handful of times, but never anything extensive. Id really like to try something different and see where it takes me. I am a Hunter princess at heart, but sidesaddle has always interested me.

My google search has lead me to the conclusion that the closest advertising farm is in louisville which just isn't feasible with my schedule. Any ideas on any places in or closer to Lexington??