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    Default The game as changed

    My job involves travelling around visiting all of those riders who are in contention for selection and I try to see everyone every fortnight or so. Soon after the squad is named we have team training, and then another one just before we head out to the Championships. Between the two I will travel between the six selected riders so that I see them all every week.

    It is also known that Yogi see these riders...not just named teams...but those in contention....very often, all year round.

    Our team trainer(s) need to be available all year round in order for our riders to have consistent training, not just a handful of half hour lessons at the beginning of the season.

    Top level athletes should be coached on a regular basis.

    The sport has changed so much that gone are the days that you can just be tuned up shortly before a championships. We have to concentrate on "the road" to those championships.

    I am hoping that David will be available on a full time basis for all riders in contention, named to teams, those in the pipeline, etc. It is the only way that our riders and horses will be in the position to achieve the results we all want for them.

    Coaching needs to be a full time job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    ... Coaching needs to be a full time job.

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    Our coach may need a private pilot license to get the job done LOL.

    and a plane.........

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    The best riders will find a way to be close enough to him to have that kind of around GB to every rider's yard and travelling coast to coast in America are very different plans

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    I realize that it is logistically harder in the US for the coach to get to the riders - or even vice versa. However, any other Olympic athlete is going to go to the mountain and not expect Mohammad to come to him/her.

    Although that would give a slight advantage to those with fewer horses! (Sorry, sometimes I just crack myself up!)

    The above post is an opinion, just an opinion. If it were a real live fact it would include supporting links to websites full of people who already agreed with me.

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    Maybe there can be a new way to donate to the team;
    give airline miles accumulated from various "deals" so
    the team coach can travel around the nation and assist
    both the Olympic athletes and the promising "hopefuls"
    who are coming up for the future.
    Robin from Dancing Horse Hill
    Elmwood, Wisconsin

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    Don't forget that GB also has Kenneth Clawson/Peter Charles (showjumping) as well as Yogi and Tracie doing the same thing as well all working together to tune them up for the championship.

    Peter and Ken will see those in contention all year as well. Plus there are different levels of sports lottery funding so a lot of riders who are on that system will also attend training throughout the year meaning they all sing from the same hymn sheet when they finally make it to the team.

    The other advantage is the trainers team of Tracie, Yogi and Ken have been together so long they all work very well together.

    It is a seriously in depth system and when you start looking at all the different layers and levels gets quite complicated because riders are put into the system from 16 years old. Laura Collett has been working with Yogi from age 14/15.
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    Team riders in our country are well aware of the British system.
    Our team officials would love to have this sort of system, too. However, as Tuppysmom said above, it's logistically (and I might add financially ) not practical in America. Although I know many would love to have the dressage help on a consistent basis. I really wish we could know a bit more about the USET's thought processes on training and development of the three-day team.
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