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    Default Mystery Illness?

    My kids pony has been sick for the last 5 days. It all started with him not finishing his hay. ( Which I thought was strange but there were a few bales that were a bit bleached out the the horses were all protesting a bit compared to the newer hay.) Then I noticed he was eating his grain really slow. (He only gets a small amount of grain, but usually can't eat it fast enough and slams his bucket around). Then he was acting really sleepy and wants to lay down a lot but not looking colicy, he is resting his chin on the ground and closing his eyes. He sometime lays flat out but always gets up after a while. He looked like he was having trouble eating his hay and was chewing for a long time but not getting anywhere. My first thought was his teeth, but they were done recently and I had him checked, not the problem. He is also not pooping a lot but urinating and drinking (but not as much drinking as usual) We've only had him for 6 weeks and the woman who had him before us, only got him in February from Camelot. He was quarantined when she first got him and he was properly vaccinated. When I dewormed him last month it gave him the runs and I put him on Probios and it took a while but that cleared up. We started thinking Botulism because he seemed to be having trouble chewing. I've had the vet out and he didn't think it was Botulism and we started leaning toward ulcers. (I had given him bute just before this all started) He took blood checked his teeth and throat and looked him all over and asked me a bunch of questions. I'd have to get him to repeat the details of the blood work, because I don't remember the specifics but he felt it was ulcers and put him on Gastrogard. He's had two doses (yesterday and today) I've put him out of grass as much as possible and he nibbles a lot but I'm not sure how much he is getting. He still isn't pooping much at all. He has been looking very tucked up. I also made sure his run-in had shavings and he lays down in there same as in his stall. All along he has not had a fever until today it's gone up to 101. I know that isn't alot but it's just added to the puzzle. Overall he doesn't look miserable but he's just not himself. Any suggestions? Ideas??

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    Do you have a lot of ticks where you are? In our area, we have lots of Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, and other tick related diseases. We also have Potomac Fever. Call your vet and tell her he isn't doing well. Ask about tick related diseases.

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    Did you find thorns or sticks in the hay? Possible he's either got something stuck in his cheeks/tongue/tummy that's causing him discomfort?
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    I think the vet needs to remain active in monitoring his condition/situation.

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