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    Default fun! helping a friend shop for a new trailer with lq

    it is fun, but i can't seem to find the thread whichh was all about best and worst features and brands. could someone post it so i can send it to her?
    today we discussed going to congress in ohio in october to buy a display model.
    i like that idea!

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    I know nothing about this trailer, other then I saw it while viewing craigslist, but there is a huge 4 horse with huge living quarters trailer listed in the NC, Charlotte area Craigslist. It looks nicer than my house!!! Costs a pretty penny too.
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    A bit more info would be helpful - # horse stalls wanted, size LQ, howmuch camping she will do, etc

    I've been horse camping extensively since '95 with a trail riding club and have obtained quite a bit of experience and practical knowledge. However, everyone is different in what is important to them.

    I have a 2H GN with a weekend package. While I camp with friends, I prefer to travel alone most of the time. My LQ has 2 propane tanks to run the fridge, hot water heater, and 2 burner cooktop. Propane is essential and will also run a furnace.

    When I first start out, I do pack the hay bales in bale bags on wheels and tie up in the first stall, then move further back once I set up for camping. That eliminates the need to carry it in the back of the truck and it stays dry in case of rain. I do put shavings in the back stall where my horse is, so if he pees (rarely) it won't run up to the bale bags.

    Do not get an all electric trailer. The problem with an all electric LQ is the fridge needs power to run, therefore as you are driving down the road, the fridge isn't cooling. And not all places have electric hookups. Even if you have a generator (I have a Honda 2000), you can't run it 24/7 due to most campground regulations and you would need to bring quite a bit of gas.

    I have the 3.0 fridge, but my next LQ will have the full size. They convert from electric to propane automatically and you can carry a lot more food. I end up bringing a cooler to keep my drinks cold.

    I have the cowboy shower (in the first stall of the horse section) which is fine, but most people prefer a shower. I have been told NOT to get one with the toilet in the shower as it makes it really too small.

    Storage cabinets are a must - the more the better. Nose cabinets, some on the sides of the bed, and long ones that can hold clothes and ones with shelves are the best. You can never have enough storage.

    Mine has a dinnette which is great for breakfast, preparing meals, etc. I think a couch would be really nice and most come with a small table that can be set up for food prep.

    AC of course and mine has a pocket screen door which is nice. Others come with them attached to the door.

    Awning is a must as it becomes a whole nother room and gathering place for happy hours, group meals, etc

    Sink is vital with a water source and the microwave comes in very handy. Many trailers are lacking the propane cooktop, but I use mine alot.

    Mine also has a fan in the GN area that can be used if you need a little extra cooling as well as one in the area by the dinnette, etc - I find that really nice for extra cooling when dressing after showering, etc. The pass through door is essential when you have the cowboy shower. I also have fans in the horse area since I live in South Fla.

    I clean the horse area after arriving and it becomes my bathroom and feed room. Potty and tp and I stand in a large tub when showering to cut down on the water. I can then go through the pass through door back into the LQ to dress, dry off, etc.

    I use the rear tack for all my horse tack - saddles, bridles, halters, fold up chairs, buckets, tie out ropes, leads, hoses, etc. I have quite a few bridle holders to hold all the stuff and get it off the floor.

    I am envious of people that have the mangers for storage. It is amazing how much can fit in those and my next trailer will have them.

    My generator is the Honda 2000EUI which is clean power, very guiet, can run for 16 hours on the Eco setting and will run the microwave, fans, lights, etc but will not run the AC unless I turned the converter off. I find that the fans keep it cool enough as we camp from Oct - May at the latest here. Much too hot to camp during the summer unless you had electric and the horses plenty of good shade.

    Taller trailers also mean longer storage cabinets, so that is nice. If you have the money, ducted AC is a real improvement as I do find the AC gets pretty darn cold as it blows right on you when I do have electric.

    The front end of the GN trailers can be square or v-shaped and your towing vehicle will determine which you can get. I have a Dodge which sets up the position for the GN hitch further back than in Fords (not sure about Chevys) so I had to make sure I got one with a V nose since mine was a short bed. I do have the crew cab, so that provides lots of indoor space. Make sure their towing vehicle can tow the trailer of course.

    I hope this helps, sure there is more info others can provide.

    forgot to mention, the Favorite feature on my trailer is the hydraulic hitch!!! I can hitch up or unhitch in a matter of a couple minutes and no cranking!!
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    Your standard list of higher end trailers would start with

    4 Star

    Moderate/Entry Level...


    Wouldn't own one?
    for me:

    etc etc others will have issues with my list, and additions to it. I'm blanking on some names...

    The LQs are done (usually) by conversion companies. Two of the exact same model might have entirely different LQs. Congress, IIRC has vendors showcasing their highest end, blow their doors off...LQs....personally I have no interest in a 114,000 dollar horse trailer. you might

    My fave things about mine?

    My LQ's front door has a flip-down step to make it easier to get in. Many have the kind that slide out from under the trailer...those tend to get bent.

    pass through door to horse box

    Cowboy shower and porta potty so NO black water tanks to empty.

    Propane hot water. the lights are all run off the battery, as is the water pump, hot water heater, and 12v outlet. This means I can do little day shows and day rides w/o worrying about plugging in somewhere.

    A long shore line: mine is like 30' or so: this means I can park a little further away from the plug when I do plug in.

    Drop down windows on their noses.

    lots of storage



    What's my wish list for the next one?

    8' wide with mangers- this provides storage under their noses for chairs, manure forks, hoses, feed, etc etc etc

    Drop windows on their hips, too for better ventilation

    Stud divider for the first stall

    screen door

    better organization in the rear tack.

    generator built in, enough to run the whole darn thing

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