Much better than one of those ice cream trucks!

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The carriage, pulled by the horse Tammy and driven by Allison Carlton, cost thousands of dollars to build. Carlton was selling $2 ice-cream bars Sunday.

Despite its expense, Brian Mason, owner of Marshall Carriage Co., said his investment in horse-drawn ice cream dispensation was worth it. Mason thinks he may have one of the only ice-cream carriages in existence.
He said he called every carriage company he could find, and none had ever heard of selling ice cream from a buggy.

"I found maybe a half-dozen pictures of antique ones that existed a hundred years ago, but one that exists today -- no," Mason said proudly from his shop on Michigan Avenue. The ice cream feature is his one-year-old company's newest venture, but not its final foray into unusual entertainment, Mason said.

Despite the hot weather and the slow pace, Carlton said it's fun driving Tammy, and Mason's other horses, through town. The ice-cream carriage, which started running at the beginning of the summer, is a big hit in the community, she said.

"They think it's great," Carlton said. "I'll drive by and people will just be taking pictures."