My 18 y.o. QH gelding has been disfunctioning behind this year. His left lead canter lacks umph, he falls out of it easily and it is almost 4-beat-ish. Right lead is still pretty strong.

This spring, he began to have significant effusion at the right hock joint; classic bog spavin, but it came on pretty quickly and is starting to "leak" down along the cannon bone. Pretty big (almost fist-sized) soft lump.

Vet visited, tried to flex and he would have none of it; xrays showed a calcification near a tendon insertion in the appropriate area. Lower hock joint is well fused, should not be contributing to effusion.

He had his first Legend injection last Monday. Rode him Friday and Sunday; do not feel much improvement :sad:

Anyone have experience with something like this? Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/experiences?

This horse probably had his start in the world as a WP horse, and my suspicion is that he had some pretty "unfair" training in that discipline. I'm wondering if the 4-beat nature of this is an old abuse (physical dammage) rearing it's ugly head.

He does not work hard in his current life; I do some dressage-type stuff (straightness, suppling, forward--nothing heavy), some horsemanship stuff, and trail ride. He works maybe 3-5 times per week, has most of the winters off. I did some eventing in my younger years so I have a good sense of conditioning and temper my riding accordingly.