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    Oct. 19, 2009


    Is it okay for someone to mention which hunt they are talking about? I am in MD as well and am trying to figure out which hunt club is best to take out a never-hunted horse roading and cubbing with,

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    Dec. 27, 2001
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    I don't see why not! It's Goshen, which has kennels JUST up the road from where I board at Waredaca.

    My 2 week riding moratorium ended late last week, I did a dressage lesson or two and some conditioning, and then cranked myself out of bed REALLY early to go cubbing this morning with the young horse. Too early for mr. asterix but just as well -- I had my hands full with the burly 17 hand "little horse," who apparently thought this was The Most Fun Ever.

    He was pretty jacked, although I was told this is normal. Lots of fairly impressive extended trots, a little piaffe, and a few walk pirouettes

    (hey, he is a nice dressage horse after all).

    He kept the lid on and became more rideable as we went. We had a lot of standing around (apparently more than usual -- someone told me it was "baptism by fire" for a new horse) and he wasn't real keen on that, lots of fidgeting and rooting.

    But no truly wired antics, and I'm hopeful that if he can figure it out with another trip or two he might be ready for someone to take him out properly once the season is under way.

    He was, as I had hoped, totally unfazed by hounds, horns, and his usual good natured self with the other ponies.

    The hunt members were very friendly and supportive and it was a lovely morning!

    I believe they have waived capping fees for cubbing for the month of September.
    The big man -- my lost prince

    The little brother, now my main man

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