[FONT=arial][SIZE=2][FONT=arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hi to everyone. I am going to host Dover's World this Tuesday August 2nd. You can get the live-stream by going to http://doversworld.com
3PM-5PM PST, you can adjust for local time zone or get the showe archives anytime you like.
First hour, equine therapist extraordinaire Tom Meyers (California) whose clients include Ravel, Weltino's Magic and all other Team Peters horses.
Any questions for Tom--feel free to ask here or call in to show

1 800 889 0267

Second hour: Martine Collette, founder of Wildlife Waystation (California) which rescues, rehabs and even re-homes wild animals, from exotic predators through local birds with bent wings.

1 800-889-0267

Been wondering about magnetic headbands? Cold or hot lasers? Shockwave?

Have a thought about the life of chimps that have been 'retired' from bio-medical facilities at age 22--only chimps live to be 60 or more..?
Wonder where these chimps go?