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    Default Tail braiding?

    As my mare transitions from eventing to hunters (she just isn't happy on XC) I need to some adivice on dealing with her tail. Eventers trim/pull the tops of the tails so they are nicely shaped, and it's rare that anyone braids a tail. SO- it's been about two months since she had a trim but the top hairs are still too short to braid. Any advice on what to do if they are still too short when her first show comes (in 2 1/2 weeks)? Do I put a wrap on it and wet it down so it's as flat as possible for the class? If I pull it so it stays looking "eventer neat" it will never be long enough to braid!

    I tried braiding it today and I can start the braid about 3" from the top but that makes the top look extra sticky-out-y.

    Her first show is the GMHA hunter show - so it's not like she's heading to Devon, but I want to respect the new turnout traditions as much as possible.

    She has a gorgeous thick tail, so lack of hair isn't the issue- the top ones are just too short to reach the center. Sort of the horsey equivalent of growing out your bangs - there is a really bad stage to get through.

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    Plenty of hunters don't braid tails (just manes). Definitely do NOT keep pulling it, that will make you stand out much more than an unbraided tail. Have you tried making small braids with the first section of the tail hairs on each side when starting the braid? (Does that make sense?) Lots of braiders do that to keep in wispy hairs at the top.

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    Let the tail grow out - don't pull it. Wet it and wrap it for the show. I don't usually do the tail unless it is a big show/class.
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