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    Default Exceed antibiotic and neck swelling

    Horse has been dealing with nasty nasty hoof abscess for about two weeks now. About ten days ago horse wants to hop around on three legs and be miserable. Call vet out - finds some drainage orders banimine and gives a shot of Exceed - split between both sides of the neck.

    Horse develops swelling on both sides of the neck. One side much worse than the other. Vet examines horse again one week later and shares that it from the shot and give it a couple more weeks. Aparently some horses develop swellings as a reaction.

    Has anyone here ever had a reaction and does it eventually go away? Vet mentioned using dmso to get it down - other than I hate dmso how would one use it - massage it in?

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    My TB got 2 sets of Excede injections, spaced 4 days apart. First set went well with little to no reaction. The second set he developed "fluid like" swelling on both sides of the neck, one side worse than the other. He got the injections on Friday, swelling peaked on Sunday, and was gone by mid week.

    That is my only experience with it, although a vet tech that boards at my barn says that the vets at her clinic use the Excede injection fairly often and usually don't see any reactions.
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    I had this happen with penicillin (don't get me started on why the penicillin was put in the neck in the first place, that's a whole other issue).

    Anyways, my horse got baseball size lumps at the injection sites on her neck. She got 2g bute 2x daily for 3 days, as well as heating pads on for 15 min at a time a couple of times a day to help break up the lumps. I also rubbed in some thermagel liniment at the sites after the heat.

    Eventually, they went away with no lasting effects - but be very careful. This kind of swelling can lead to abscesses and/or death of underlying neck tissue so your horse has "dents" in its neck.

    Make sure you have a vet monitoring progress.

    ETA: my horse no longer gets any shots in her neck, as now she swells up from all injections after that event so you may want to use alternate injection sites.
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    I haven't used it, but yes I am aware that it can produce injection site reactions. According to the FOI for the approval, most reactions resolved within a couple of weeks.

    Personally, with this drug the one thing I would be more worried about is laminitis. I would be checking for pulses, any sign of laminitis, and possibly stay on banamine for a bit while the drug is still in their system.

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    Interesting. My vet shared that she has one horse that reacted the first time and not the second time. She is wondering whether movement impacts on the swelling. Since my horse was pretty much only hobbling around she feels this may have impacted it. He is still on banamine although now that the abscess has blew out his heel we are weaning off. It has been ten days since the injection and she said it may take a couple of weeks.

    Had I known this I would have stuck with SMZ's. Poor horse was pissy enough from soaking wrapping routine and I wanted to give him a break.

    The one side of the neck is resolving...the larger lump seems to be taking longer. I actually thought it was a bee sting when I first saw it.

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    Neck swelling is listed in the package insert from the drug.
    Here is the drugs webpage:
    Here is the package insert:
    Here is the exact quote:

    "A total of 373 horses of various breeds, ranging in age from 4 months to 20 years, were included in the field study safety analysis. Adverse reactions reported in horses treated with EXCEDE and the placebo control are summarized in Table 2.
    Injection site swelling (edema) was reported in 10 of 278 (3.6%) EXCEDE-treated horses and 1 of 95 (1%) of the placebo-treated horses. Of the 10 EXCEDE-treated horses with injection site swelling, 8 horses had swellings of 4 cm or less in diameter, one horse had a 10 cm diameter swelling and one horse had injection site reactions to both injections measuring 25 x 12 cm each. The injection site reactions in EXCEDE-treated horses resolved over 1 to 20 days."


    "Injection sites were observed in both studies. In both studies, the largest injection volume administered was 20 mL per injection site. There were no observations of erythema, necrosis or drainage at the injection sites in these studies. Firmness, swelling, and/or sensitivity were observed in at least one injection site in all horses treated at the label dose. In the TAS study, injection site reaction measurements ranged from no measurable reaction to
    16 x 33 x 1.5 cm. In the PK study, the largest area of edema associated with the injection site ranged from no detectable reaction to a 30 x 36 cm area of edema. Injection site reactions developed within 2 days of injection and resolved within 1-18 days. In the PK study, 2 horses had small areas of firmness that had not resolved at the end of the study (21 days after injection).In both studies, a greater incidence of injection site reactions occurred after the
    second injection, and in several horses, swelling at the injection site resolved then recurred 1-5 days later."

    My mare received this in the fall and had minor swelling her neck but nothing horrible. It went away about a week after the last injection. It didn't seem to cause her any pain or bother her.

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    Every time I have used it the horses had huge neck swelling, every horse, every time. It goes away.

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