I'm terrible about keeping current on multiple forums! (or any venue, really, my poor DA account is starving for attention and new artwork) Anyone on HGS pretty well knows my current status, but I'm still lurking here now and then.

The nightmare of a boarding situation is over. As I predicted the mares have not sold at the asking price, and I finally reached down and grabbed my big brass girly ones and said "they have to go". It helped that the property owner was breathing down my neck about it, but when my insistance that the horses' teeth needed to be done as it was creating issues (dropping grain and weight, pain when bridled etc etc) went ignored as were my "They need their vaccines updated" went from "I'll be out to do that, dont' call the vet." to "Come pick me up and we'll do that." to "They don't go anywhere, let's not worry about it" I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I also did the numbers, it was costing me more to have them here than I was being paid. So other arrangements were made for them and they have left. I miss the mares, not the drama.

My own mare, is happily and steadily gaining weight, and went to her first show in June, came home Champion. Couldn't be more pleased. 1st in Eng Pleasure. 3rd in Equitation (we knew I was going to blow that one going into it) and 1st in both jumping courses. Not bad for only a months prep work before hand as I was waiting for her to get her weight up before returning to work!!

She missed this month's show due to dropping weight when we got in a new shipment of hay (lesser quality) and farrier schedule conflicts, so I took the land lady's Haffy to both the western show for speed events and the english show the following day.

Timed events, the crazy haffy everyone told me to give up on came home with two yellow ribbons and a white. Who says Applebottom ponies can't run? We've cut our times in half, very pleased with him. For the English show, I was worried he'd be still 'up' from doing the timed events the day before but we brought home 1st in Eng Pleasure, 4th in Equitation (again, I never expect to do well in those classes, I don't care what I look like as long as pony does his job!) and 2nd in both jumping courses, reserve champion overall for our division. Again, not bad. I haven't worked him much recently as he was being leased, picked up a few bad habits, had two schooling sessions before the show and off we went. Haffy power!!!!

My yearling is growing in leaps and bounds, has his moments I want to strangle him, but for the most part is still my super cute love bug and my Mustang continues to impress me with his sensabile, curious, loving nature. If the weather ever cooperates, I HOPE to get on him this summer. All the prep work has been done, he accepts tack without issue, and I've done everything but actually swing a leg over, but it's a matter of finding a day I don't feel like I'm going to have a heat stroke AND have someone around to be my groundsperson (and document the event, as it's a big one in both his life and our partnership!).

I still work at the same lovely barn down the road, and am constantly learning new things I didn't know I didn't know there. Hard work, but I'm fortunate to have a job, and a boss so generous with her knowledge ontop of it being work that I absolutely love doing. Today was a sad one for us, but that's part of the learning process, too. Just never thought I would cry this much for a horse that wasn't mine, but for almost a year now I've been helping care for him and I'm just that much of a sap I guess. Rest sweetly big dude. Thank you for the many hours of arm numbing grooming sessions and quiet kindness.

Sorry about the long post! Trying to cram several months worth of update into one post.