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    Default Another horse pricing question

    What would one expect to pay for a very well bred, attactive 10 yo branded Old NA (premium) mare with a good start but out of work for last few years?

    A bit of background: Mare is by a top eventing WB sire (who also makes an appearance near the top of USEF hunter sire list). Mare's dam is also WB w/ her sire having sired at least one noteble jumper/sire.

    Mare is a legit 15.3 w/ a shortish back and neck, but enough barrel to take up a decent amount of leg. Has a decent step and should make the lines not problem. She's conformationally correct and probably a 6-8 on the "pretty scale"

    She was started well and schooled as a hunter at 5yo, also did some dressage at 5/6 with wins at training level at local-level shows. At age 6/7 she did some eventing, with ribbons at beginner novice and schooled novice and training xcountry jumps. Due to owner's circumstances, mare was taken out of work --just turned out but had regular handling (just no riding) and vet/farrier visits. Hopped on a handful of times by owner's visting family members, but no real work for 3+ years.
    Mare is sound, owner bred/raised her so entire health history is known. Never had a foal herself, but her breeding makes it an interesting possibility. Just started lightly back into work in the last month, but not much done due to hot weather. Just w/t/c, a couple of *low* crossrails. Mare seems willing to be back in work and has a look, but not an evil spook. I know there are a zillion variables, but based on above, what would be a fair price to pay for such a horse?

    She could truly go into hunters, dressage, or eventing successfully. I'm more of a hunter person, and she could be a fancy 3' horse but I think she could probably do the 3'6 as well. The big issue is she's 10yo and the lack of work/experience over the last several years, but that also means low miles and hopefully long-term soundness. Thoughts?

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    Maybe $10k. Does the mare have lead changes? I'd say you may even be able to pay less than $10k. 10 is a good age but it is also when issues can start.

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    I agree with JSE. Top price 10k.

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    I'd say 7,500 tops

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    For a 10 year old, out of work, small horse with an eventing record and a spook? $5k. The older they get, the lower the value. She is a 10 year old "prospect" jumping crossrails. You will be lucky to pass her on for $5k. Everyone will assume the gap means she was unsound. If you ask $10k you will likely hang onto her for a long time. You might get it, but you will have so much extra invested in her by then you might as well price her lower and move her.

    I do not really believe that being out of work results in long-term soundness. Steady, not pounding work seems to result in more longevity, IME. Stop/start careers often end prematurely. Tendons are made to be in steady use.

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    She sounds identical to a mare who sold to a friend of mine last year for $5000. Except that this mare was 16.2, and during her time off she had had a foal.

    She was big and beautiful and a 9 mover.

    The mare was recently back in work, at the same level your mare is at, and they both were/are 10 years old.

    If someone wants to take a chance and get her going to the point she can canter a 2'6" course with lead changes, then the price can double or triple. In the case of my friend's horse, it turned out that as soon as the mare was asked to canter down to a 2'6" jump, her head went up, she tried to run through the rider's hands, and she launched herself over the jump with her legs trailing her body.

    NOT pretty.

    So much for being big and beautiful and a great mover.
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