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    Apr. 1, 2011

    Default happy thread!!

    Just wanted to share my realization that riding actually IS fun and if you're not enjoying it then it's not worth it.

    I had a lesson on one of my dressage trainer's horses that he has in for training tonight, and it was SO NICE to ride a horse that's actually SANE and not ridiculously unpredictable and crazy. I could actually trust him! He was still challenging but I never felt unsafe and it was a fun challenge, not a stressful one.

    This is very different from the horse I've been riding for the past few months. It's a long story of why, but basically at this point riding him feels like work and I don't really enjoy it. Each ride just makes me more and more frustrated.

    So in the next few weeks I get work with this new horse and I am SO EXCITED. I haven't had so much fun just doing walk trot canter work in forever. He's difficult to ride, but in terms of making him get off his forehand and use himself correctly. I've been so used to having a spooky unpredictable and dangerous ride, it felt so good to just trust the horse. Also some added benefits, the facility he is at is GORGEOUS and the saddle I get to use is a super nice Butet.

    So basically, if you're not having fun in your current riding situation, CHANGE IT!! This sport is too expensive to be unhappy.

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    May. 6, 2009
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    I have owned a spooky horse that almost destroyed my confidence, so I know exactly what you are talking about.

    It's fantastic to feel competent for a change.

    I'm happy for you.
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    Apr. 1, 2011


    thank you it really is so nice.

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    Feb. 23, 2005
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