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    Aug. 26, 2010
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    Default Splint Bone

    So, my mare Sophie sustained a right hind splint bone fracture in April due to a kick in the pasture
    She got re-radiographed in early July and the vet said it looked like her fx was healing well and she'd would be ready for her last set of radiographs Aug 1st, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, she can probably be ridden starting then. I will most definately discuss this with my vet, but I was just wondering if anyone out there had dealt with this type of injury and the length of rehab period we're looking at?
    I was thinking maybe start with walks (increasing in length) for the first maybe two weeks, then start some trotting after that for maybe another two weeks, and then start with regular flatwork/dressage? How long until she could start back jumping? I am familiar with bringing a horse back from a soft tissue injury but have never had a horse fracture anything (I guess this is a good thing)
    I don't want to push it (AT ALL!) but I definately want to get her going again and ready to event. I would love to be able get her to an event in mid-November, before the season is over, but I realize that's probably not too likely.
    I am actually just super excited to be able to get on her and walk around again...this mare is SO MUCH FUN to ride!!
    Any advice would be very much appreciated!
    PS-I am definately going to talk to my vet about his reccomendations as well....and I realize that this whole plan depends upon how she's doing day to day. Thanks in advance!

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    Many years ago my horse had a splint bone fracture and had surgery in order to get the floating piece out. I seem to remember him being off for 6 months and then I could start riding him.
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    My gelding has a broken lateral splint on the left hind. I didnt know it was broken until we did the 4 wk ultrasound to make sure all soft tissues were still ok (had a cut/puncture from my mares lower right incisor of all things so had to wrap it every day to allow the puncture to heal from the inside out). Ultrasound was perfect but splint didnt look good. Xrays confirmed it was broken but a callus was already starting to form. Surgeon said that we can wait another 45 days and just keep doing as I was (treatment was the same had I known about it 4 weeks before) and re xray in 45 days. At that point, we will decide if he needs surgery or not. He said either way, if he needs surgery or not, he will be down for about another month after the next set of xrays and then should be good to go. Ive got another 3 weeks to go before we get the new xrays. I obviously havent gotten to the rehab part of the situation yet either so havent asked to start him back to work but from what Ive been hearing, splint fractures arent "that big of a deal" and once its healed and theres no inflammation, etc, they are good to go? We will see I guess.

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    Mar. 25, 2010


    my mare had a splint fracture, lateral front right. NOt just a fracture but comlpletely broken into pieces. vet was pulling bone fragments out of wound. She was on anitbiotics for about 3 months (bone got infected), with hand walking only for those three months. Then another month hand walking, then was allowed 5 min trot work on lunge each direction with gradual build up to 15 min each direction at trot. Checked for soundness and cleared to begin riding at walk/trot towards end of nov. original injury was first week in july.

    Mare is now sound (we are 2 yrs out) and except for the large callous at the top of the break you would never know anything had happened.

    I am sure if it was a simple fracture, not a broken into a hundred pieces scenario, that she would have been back under saddle much faster.

    Jingles for a speedy recovery for your horse.

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    May. 30, 2010


    I had a mare with the right hind fracture--- regular x-rays to assure healing was correct. 6 months stall rest, then the final x-ray gave the go-ahead to turn out and ride.

    She broke it Dec 18th, and started that next cubbing season. (1st Sat of Sept) without any problems. Plus a lifetime of no problems.
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