About a week after my foal was born I noticed it was going over on its fetlock on the left front leg. I called my vet who diagnosed a ruptured tendon and put a cast on. 3 days later we recast again as it wasn't corrected. 3 days later the cast came off and all seemed okay. Until... 2 days later my foal lost its hoof... and had to be put down.

I asked the vet what causes a hoof to fall off and he said my foal must have had circulation problems. Now... I'm not pointing fingers, but I did question how tightly he was wrapping the cast and asked how he knew if it was being put on too tight. He said the 2 inches of cotton under the cast would prevent the cast from being put on too tight.

Needless to say, I now have a $1500 vet bill and one dead foal. Has anyone run into anything like this? Your experience/expertise would be greatly appreciated.