I am looking for private, small, low key, backyard type boarding in central/northern NJ. Anyone have or know of anyone that has a backyard barn looking to make a couple of bucks on board? Ideally I would like to find a place that is very small - no other boards or very few boarders. I am a very low key, low demanding boarder. I have a very high demanding stressfull job and use horses as my stress reliever and like boarding without the stess of a busy barn. I love trail riding and hunter paces, as well as taking lessons and horse showing. Just don't like the show barn atmosphere.

I have been boarding at my friend's 2 horse shed row barn and absolutly love it there. No ring - plenty of grass to ride on though. The place is not fancy by any means. The horses are so happy with the low key atmosphere. Friend is getting a second show horse, so I need to find a new home for my horse by 9/1/11.

Please let me know if anyone is looking to take on a boarder - I dont even mind helping out (I do it now for my friend) on the days I come and ride. Pick horses stalls, feed dinner, etc... As I said I am very low demanding and just looking for a happy place to spend my little time I have with my horse.