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    Default Spin spinoff of the goldfish thread.

    I hate this fish. If any fish needs to be caught and beaten it's him but he's just so damn fast!!!

    Long story short the local supplier has had the most beautiful Shubunkin goldfish and I kept buying them and they kept vanishing from the pond I though they were just sick so I put the last three into the fish filter ((Don't gasp in horror... yet) a pond filter is a sterile 55 gallon drum with the lower 30 gallon filled with a coarse fiber so the fish had a 20 gallon tank with the freshest water from a 1200 gallon pond bubbling up through to them before it goes out to the pond- yes you need to give them a 'bit' more goldfish food since it gets washed out but the other fsh get it so its' no waste really)
    A week after the new set came home and they had lived happily in the filter for the past six days the Tim told me " I don't think that's the best place for them, they shouldn't live in the filter why don't you put them into the pond"

    So to make the Tim happy I carefully caught the pretty little guys in a bowl so they wouldn't be yanked out of the water and scared and slowly lowered them into the pond.

    They seemed disoriented and looked around for someplace to hide and compose themselves normal for fish...

    Then disaster struck Flipper- Gari baldi's also imported cousin came up not to greet (you can gasp in horror now) but he opened his big koi mouth and before I could say "You B@stard!!!" my beautiful jewel of a fish was gone.

    Could you help me polish the for sale ad? I've never sold a pet before.

    For sale- Koi

    Beautiful, lovely ,heathy and a goldfish-eating asshole. About 13”.
    He has eaten his last shubunkin on my watch- He is out of here.
    His name is Flipper and he is more active than the average koi .
    If you have a problem with uninvited baby fish appearing out of nowhere Flipper is the solution to your problem.
    Imported from Japan- They didn’t want him either.
    He is perfect but I hate his snow white face and his perfect frosted fins, his arrogant gliding around the pond as though he was the mafia don afraid of no one.
    You know those beautiful models that once your back is turned turn into Satan. He is the ichthious version if you want to show fish here he is.

    If he doesn’t sell- I’m fostering a raccoon from the wildlife waystation
    Does anyone in the long beach area have a stock tank that needs mosquito abatement?
    Where is the fish eating mare located?

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    Sep. 20, 2005
    You must never go there, Simba.


    Thanks. I needed that.
    "Are you yawning? You don't ride well enough to yawn. I can yawn, because I ride better than you. Meredith Michael Beerbaum can yawn. But you? Not so much..."
    -George Morris

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    I visited a house one time that had kept a typical carnie goldfish alive for five years and it was HUGE. I mean ginormous. I had no idea they got that big.

    So maybe that's the solution, get some bigger goldfish? lol

    cute post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pal-o-mino View Post
    I visited a house one time that had kept a typical carnie goldfish alive for five years and it was HUGE. I mean ginormous. I had no idea they got that big.

    So maybe that's the solution, get some bigger goldfish? lol

    cute post!
    Oh yeah, fair goldfish can get ginormous! I have two in one of my water troughs that started out as little feeder fair fish and are now about 8". The only thing I ever did for them was free them from their plastic bag and put 'em in the trough

    Sorry about Flipper - he sounds like a jerk
    Y'all ain't right!

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