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    May. 31, 2011

    Default horse has swollen lymph nodes.....

    I purchased a 12 y.o. tb cross saturday. Hes SO SWEET. was going to a kill buyer. Old lesson horse. kid broke. just wonderful. went out to feed him this morning he ate everything. when i came back out to check on him his lymph nodes are all swelled up. He can drink fine and eat fine. He does not have a temperature or nasal discharge. Is happily trotting around. Im SO worried. of course my worst fear is strangles. but he is in a pasture that has some funky big plants growing in it and pine trees. I just feed him some strategy, boss, chia, vit. e and selenium. which hes been eating since saturday. called the vet and they didnt seem to worried just told me to keep an eye on him.
    anyone know what it could be?
    He doesn't seem to like me touching them.

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    Aug. 23, 2006


    Could it be grass mumps? Horses who are newly on fresh grass will frequently have their salivary/parotid swell. If that is what it is, nothing to worry about.

    There's a picture down the page on this thread of them.

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    Jan. 8, 2007


    The same thing happened to my foster from the kill pen. Within a few days, his lymph nodes swelled up but no fever or discharge. Called vet out and did bloodwork but everything came back normal. Turns out that when stressed, sometimes their lymph nodes will swell out of a reaction. I kept my guy seperated from my other horses for a month as well as it seems like you are giving your horse a lot of grain/hay/supplements all at first. What about starting out with just hay and adding some equine senior slowly. This guy has gone through a lot in the past few days and keeping it simple for a few weeks might be your best option.
    Be careful about cross contamination between you and your other horses. Feed your horses first, they this horse. Wash with bleach/water everything and let it sit out in the sun to dry. Monitor temperature and discharge and keep your vet informed. Last thing a vet needs is a call at 2 am that your horse has strangles and you need them out there asap.
    Keep calm, your horse could just be fighting something off. It will take time, and consistancy.
    Keep in mind...normal is just a dryer setting.~anonymous

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    May. 31, 2011


    i thought grass mumps at first. but all the pics ive seen were more on the side of the neck. My horse has them directly under the jaw.
    The stress thing makes sense and makes me feel a little better! I just hate not knowing and the vet said they couldnt test for it until the abcess blew or he had snots.

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