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    Default Tell me about Chopped Forage

    I've been feeding TC Safe Starch forage but would like to switch to a straight chopped orchard grass or orchard grass/timoth mix if it was available. (We're in NoVA). In reading the bag, it appears the Safe Starch is loaded with minerals and supplements we don't need since he's also on TC Senior.

    While the pony is thriving, he's changed color from a beautiful palomino shade to looking exactly as tho he was dipped in the bag of Safe Starch forage. I've contacted the TC people who say that there's nothing in his feed (he's also on TC Senior) that would cause the color change -- but I sure would like to try switching forage if I could.

    Any suggestions/opinions/recommendations on chopped forage?

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    Safe Starch is formulated to be a complete feed (if by some chance you wanted to spend that much money on a total feed for your horse). I fed a few pounds of Safe Starch with my regular fortified feed for years and it worked fine. I used it as an additive for extra calories for my hardest working horses. It also slowed down the ones who tended to gulp their grain since I placed the chopped forage on top of their grain. I still feed chopped forage although I switched to Purina's chopped Alfalfa (no fortification added) when the Safe Starch became pricey. I fed Safe Starch to two palominos in my group of horses for several years and none of them changed color. However, they also received regular grass hay as well.
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    Just sent you a p.m.

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    Bludejavu - Thanks. I'm relieved to know that. I'm also feeding TC Senior and even tho I was feeding 6 - 8 #'s a day during the winter plus the SStarch forage, neither would cause a change in color. It's weird. He was palomino on grass hay and TC lite. Recently, I've decreased the Senior and mixed in the TC Lite. He's got more pasture time so he gets less of the Safe Starch and he's beginning to turn blonde again but still alot of brown.

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