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    Default Tell me about your horses' Sacroiliac Pain, Symptoms and Treatments! Thanks!

    My horse has been having issues lately and we think he might be having sacroiliac problems. I am curious to hear other people's experiences with this and what there vets did to diagnose, etc. Thanks anything will be appreciated!

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    Body Work and Diet. OH! And check the balance of the hooves! I work with alot of jumpers and hunters who frequently have issues with their SI -- a good balanced trim (shod or barefoot - doesn't matter. The hooves HAVE to be balanced correctly) ... and some massage, acupressure, TTOUCH and energy work have them perked right up. You might want to consult with a Chiro ... but if you do, be sure to have some body work or massage done FIRST. Get those muscle spasms released so the adjustment can hold.
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    A good vet that is a chiro should be able to tell. Also, if it is severe enough if you pull the leg up and out to the side the horse usually has a very characteristic tilt of its pelvis and it will be uncomfortable. Often times the horse doesn't use it's hind end correctly and can be lame in severe cases. In my experience, it is rare for a true SI tear to recover to full competition.

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