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    Oct. 20, 2009

    Default Want to meet my newest project pup?!

    Well she is not really a pup, and she is not really mine, my friend is in charge but i am the co-pilot!

    Heres the story:
    I work at a boarding kennel and we see lots of dogs come and go and lots of nice owners, etc. Today a man came to pick up his dog and let us know that he was taking her to be euthanized because she was just too 'dog aggressive'. my good friend his the daughter of the kennels owner, and happened to be supervising at the time and caught the owner before he left to talk. owner let us know that girl is about six, and a pitt mix and he was taking her to the vet in a couple hours. Friend noticed how sweet the dog was and offered him a alternative option - said she would take the dog, work with her for a month, and attempt to rehome her, and if no progress was made he could go on with his original plan. Owner thought it over and agreed, he even left his contact info, brought back a new bag of blue buffalo so she didn't have to switch to what the kennel feeds, and insisted that if she was to be adopted we ensure she didn't go to a home that would use her to fight.
    We're not really sure what make the original owner so nervous to keep the dog because so far he has seemed very concerned, and she has been lovely.

    so on to the dog! As I said, she is six, a pitt mix, and goes by the name of Dinah. She doesn't have that much previous training - just stares when you tell her to 'sit'. We got her out after we closed and took her for a walk, she is great on the leash, sticks right by your side even if she's distracted. she is getting a hang of the whole 'sit' and 'stay' concept (she is learning to sit when her leash comes on and off, and when we come to a door or gate). She is very ADD, but showed progress in the time we had her out, thought she thought we were being absolutely ridiculous when we asked her to 'shake'. OH and did i mention she is absolutely GREAT with people! the sweetest dog you'll ever meet, she wags her whole body when you go to greet her in her run. So far we haven't seen very much 'dog aggression' she doesn't pay all that much attention to the dogs in runs next to hers, doesn't bark, appears to sniff very politely through the run gates if someone new is on the other side. Owner said she is worse with dogs that are smaller, but we are taking her to a local park soon to see how she reacts when being walked around other dogs and really assess the situation.


    does anyone have any good success stories about rehabbing rescues with dog aggression, or tips? I would love to hear all about them!

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    Feb. 18, 2010


    She's so cute, good luck with her!!
    Our pit mix is the sweetest thing ever, but like this dog, a little ADD. While she isn't dog "aggressive" she does kind of freak out when you don't let her go meet another dog. She whines, pulls, ect. If you do let her meet the other dog, she sniffs and whatever and is pretty ok, and she's great with little dogs.

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    Mar. 30, 2011


    good luck with her. she looks like a reall sweetheart who just needs someone to take the time and work with her!!!

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