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    Default Horse giveaway gone right

    We hear so many stories of giveaways going wrong. So I wanted to share a happy ending or maybe I should call it a happy new beginning for my giveaway.

    Three years ago I owned a horse that suffered from PSSM. I tried all sorts of diets, acupuncture and different turnout options. But more times than not he would be too sore to ride. I thought the best I could hope for was him becoming a companion horse.

    I was afraid of him falling into the wrong hands. But I called a local rescue and was put in touch with a nice family that was looking for a horse for their handicapped child to be able to work on the ground with, and when not sore the Mom could possibly pleasure ride.

    I get updates periodically with pictures how well he has fitted into the family. Today I got an email that he is now helping a couple young girls learn how to care for, groom and ride a horse. He is very careful with them and stands quietly when they are around. He will even sidepass over to the arena fence and stand for the girls to get on him. I didn’t even know he could sidepass. The family feels very blessed to have this horse come into their lives. And I'm very thankful that I was put in touch with this family and can sleep at night knowing he found a great home.

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    very cool! I also gave away an older appy mare after interviewing several people and watching how they handled her, at 23 yo, she was no kid's horse. A mom and her daughter came and looked and they got along well with her, they were horsey people and wanted to add a good trail horse to their small herd. Well turns out, they were perfect for her and treated her like a queen and sent me regular updates and pics. When they put her down at the ripe old age of 32, she was surrounded by her new family who loved and cherished her.
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    I have a giveaway gone right too. I was given a gorgeous TB - he had an injured knee, and his college student owner had to get out to the barn twice a day to care for the knee - at an hour + each way. She had been trying to sell him and then he went and hurt himself, and it was just too much. She put him up on craigslist as a free horse.

    I was 6 months pregnant at the time, so I obvioulsy wasn't riding, and I certainly wasn't going to get to see him move, I just patted his nose while he stood in the crossties pawing furiously. But I was smitten. Big chestnut TB with 4 socks and a blaze, former prelim eventer, probably full of ulcers from being on stall rest, drop dead gorgeous and pissed at the world.

    His owner loved him to pieces and "vetted" me quite thoroughly, coming out to visit my farm, asking about my show record and to see pics of me riding, getting references from my vet/farrier, and other horse people who have known me. I figured that even if he wasn't the right horse for me, I could hang onto him for 6 months while he healed up and then give him back if it didn't work out, or help the owner find him a different home, figuring at the very least he would be a good project while I wasn't riding. Win-win!

    The knee healed up beautifully, and as it turns out, he is my ultimate partner. I never, ever could have afforded to buy this horse if he had been in prime condition - he is a rock star. He's 18 now and takes excellent care of my fat old butt. I am a lucky girl, and I feel like I won the equine lottery. I have lost touch with his former owner, but I sure would like to tell her how much I love her old boy, and that he has a home with me for the rest of his days.
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