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    Default Alcohol fusion

    After pastern arthrodesis surgery only resulted in a partial fusion one of the options mentioned has been to finish the fusion with injection of alcohol. What has you experiences been with this, the positive and the negative. What are the risks, the surgeon did not even mention this until he sent the report.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There was an article in the COTH magazine within the last few months. It was in reference to hocks, but it still might be useful to you.
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    I have a horse with high ringbone. I posted a thread/inquiry about this on COTH not that long ago. I have discussed the procedure with my vet. He in turn contacted the vet that conducted a study of the procedure. The initial study results were written up in an article in The Horse last fall.

    The end result was my vet was interested in it but does not have the digital radiography that is needed to do it. We consulted two university vet schools (Ohio and Michigan State) and neither one does the procedure. The university vet schools felt that the procedure does not actually result in fusion, but may instead damage the nerves much like the quarter horse tail block. Either way, if it makes the horse more comfortable....

    It requires up to four injections. My vet said that a dye study would need to be done prior to injecting the alcohol. That is where the digital radiography comes in... you need to make sure the needle is properly placed within the joint.

    Please post your results if you can find someone to do the procedure. My vet and I are still very interested.

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    I'm sorry you are still going through all this with your horse, I know it's been a long road. We did the alcohol injection to fuse Ready's pastern and it only took one injection and he only had to rest for a day (he wouldn't stay cooped up any longer than that anyway).

    It may have helped a little but in the long run, the damage was done and he never was sound again. I would think the injection is a better option than doing anymore surgery.

    good luck!
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