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    Default Homemade Jumps? Where to get materials?

    Where have you gotten materials to make your home made jumps? Where is the cheapest?
    Obviously If I had a ton of money I would just walk into home depot and buy a bunch of wood. Or just order a set off the web.
    I think about 6 years ago, I remember hearing someone talk about Home Depot or Lowes giving discounts on their 'scrap' wood? Anyone have any ideas or experience with the hardware stores or lumber yards?

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    If you are looking for scrap lumber try a contractor or a fence building company. New subdivisions generate a lot of scraps and if you take enough you save the developers trash fees. If you get in with a fence building company they are likely going to have old demolished fences to get rid of - only problem is they are going to want ALL of it gone, not just the little bits you pick through.

    Or one of those fellows that collects junk - problem with them is that they are hoarder ish and don't like to part with their good stuff!
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    Try your local dump or county landfill for pallets, barrels, and scrap wood. I have a really cute brush box I made out of broken pallets!

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    Pretty much everything in this shot, excluding the block, are "home made." The "pole" in the "jump cup" is just a really large branch we found out in the woods, took the bark off and sanded and painted it. The cup is a POS grazing bit that came attached to a bridle we bought. The other pole on the ground is cheap PVC we bought at Lowes and use for ground rails.

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