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    Jul. 17, 2008

    Angry Stupid Cat!!!!

    I love my cats to death, but last night my one cat did something very STUPID! I have an apartment that has hidden closets. it is hard to describe, but they are each about 1 1/2-2 ft wide, go back about 10 ft and they have a slant from the roof so in the back it is about 1 ft high. They are hidden in paneling, so you push on a piece of the paneling and it pops open. Anyway, my cats discovered that they can open the closet doors. That isn't a big deal, I don't mind them playing in the closets...usually

    So last night I come home from the wedding I was in and I only see one cat. The closet door was open so I assumed the other one was playing. I open up their can of food. No cat #2. I shake some treats. No cat #2. She has a bell, and my apartment is small, so I can always hear her if she is moving. No bell. Then all of a sudden I hear a big wail coming from the closet. I somehow fit myself in all the way to the back and there it is- there is a small hole in the back of my closet that leads to the tiny unfinished/insulated area. I look in and two green eyes are staring at me. My cat was stuck...and wailing more as she saw me. So anyway somehow I shoved myself in the tiny end of my closet, blindly reached my hand in, grabbed fur and somehow got her (a handful of insulation and lots of spiderwebs) out. This whole ordeal lasted about half an hour.

    Oh kitty, you will be the death of me, I swear. Always getting into trouble.

    I'm adding a pic because...well, everyone likes to look at other peoples pets.
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    Jan. 4, 2007


    I hope you plugged the hole good and tight.

    Can't see pictures in Facebook, sorry.

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    Feb. 26, 2008


    a long time ago, when my beloved kitty was a kitten, he got under the kitchen cupboard, and climbed into the tiny crack where the pipes were. and got stuck inside the walls of the apartment building... we were on the 3rd floor, he was screaming and screaming.... which was a good thing... cause the apartment complex's construction crew had to tear out walls in other peoples apartments to rescue him. the entire building was involved sigh.... needless to say, when the lease came around, they raised my rent significantly....

    no worries though, he lived to be a VERY healthy, happy old cat, and was put down due to VERY old age (everything just started shutting down) about 2 years ago.

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    Apr. 8, 2004
    The Great, uh, Green (?!?!) North!


    My older one was like that in her younger years, and is still a master at disappearing into spaces I didn't know were there (ie when I moved last time she discovered that the solid shoe rack in my closet didn't go right to the back. Scared me half to death.) When she was young and still climbing she climbed into the basement ceiling between the finished portion and the unfinished portion. Thankfully food gets her out.

    I've given up telling catsitters where to find her... the drill is as long as two cats worth of food is getting eaten, and two cats worth of poop is in the box, we're not going to worry about it...
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    Jun. 20, 2000
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    There is a wonderfully funny folk song about a cat that got it's head stuck in the trash compactor. It was based on the true story of the singer's cat. I'm going to see if it's on YouTube.

    The song is Rudy's Big Adventure by Cindy Mangsen. It's hysterical!
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    Aug. 15, 2007
    My Own Private Idaho (aka KENTUCKY)


    I adopted a cat when we lived in town that resided in the abandoned funeral home that we lived across the street from.
    We bought our farm, and I decided to take Tigger with me, and he could be our "barn cat"-- so on moving day, I dropped him at the vet's to have his berries removed before he moved to the farm.

    Fast forward to the day I pick him up-- take the crate out to the barn, and let him out-- he slowly exits the crate, looks around and wanders off slowly. I think to myself how easy the transition was.

    Later in the day, my honey tells me, "you need to go out and look for Tigger, I can hear him but I can't see him"

    I go out, and upon entering the barn, I hear Tigger meowing. The sound seems to be coming from underneath the feed room (there's a hole there he could have gotten into)-- so that's where I think he is-- until I hear him meow again. Now the sound is coming from the wall-- I start investigating, and Tigger had somehow gotten stuck between the wall of the feed room, and the outside wall of the barn.

    Two hours and a destroyed feed room wall later, and Tigger is free...

    This last winter, he discovered the warmth of the house, and also figured out last summer that we keep the house air conditioned... he is now an inside/outside cat!!!
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    Oct. 22, 2009


    Have you heard the saying "Curiosity killed the cat?". It's true.

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    Jun. 18, 2007


    Not sure if this would have helped in your situation, but I'll throw the suggestion out there anyway. Might help somebody else some other time.

    My latest kitten, Cory the tabiano, was on top of a bookcase. I have them lining the walls of my bedroom, and the cats like the upper story track around the room. Only Cory somehow fell behind the corner bookcase, down a crack that I still swear even a kitten could not have fit through. She went clear to the floor. So now I have a howling kitten trapped between a 6-foot bookcase and a wall. Did I mention it was a corner bookcase? In a continuous row of bookcases clear around the room? Could NOT just move that one out, due to other bookcases around the corner of the room and next to it. Had to start from the door, remove several bookcases worth of books, then bookcases, gradually dig down to relevant bookcase, still couldn't quite grab her, finally got the whole thing in question moved enough. Also did block the top crack on reassembling the room, although I still swear she couldn't have fit down it.

    But as I was reporting this situation to a cat-experienced friend, getting to the point where I had enough working room to tip the bookcase forward but not to reach in to grab kitten, nor to move it clear out, she gave me a tip for "cat trapped behind/in X" situations.

    Take a towel and dangle it into the hole/crack/etc. in which your cat is trapped. Cat will climb it to safety. Usually much less shifting things, trying to reach in yourself to scruff cat, etc., involved.

    Of course, as she said, this does assume a cooperative cat who really wishes to be extricated.

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